September 2016

Oxandrolone Again

You will probably think, why another post about oxandrolone again? One would think that by now everything would be written about this drug. Just like I did in 2015. Not so. Since Oxandrolone is still in use and more and more new applications are tried, also new studies are still published. And because I'm also intrigued by this drug, I tried a less-used application on some older men who want to try this drug as HRT. And not just to restore their hormone levels of QOL (quality of life) but also as a restoration of youthful dynamism, stamina and libido. But also to see if it causes loss of fat mass, and especially of visceral fat. Because this is a long-term in vivo experiment, I will later elaborate with new posts.

Modern E.D.

In the last decades normal young guys became much more aware of all the drugs pro-bodybuilders use. Not only the steroids but especially the pain meds, the uppers – the downers. Something called cynically “substance abuse” or “poly-pharmacy.” I made a lot of blogposts about it. Its common knowledge, mostly due to the internet, how people combine meds to cure and improve performance. I’m not talking about athletic performance here, but sexual performance. Often they rely on orals like tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra), avanafil (Spedra or Stendra), yohimbine HCL, phentolamine, trazodone, apomorphine and neutraceuticals.

Low Carb Food Fad

For Bodybuilders nutrition is very important, to build up muscle mass, to cut fat, to stay healthy and to get enough energy to train hard and after that training good foods will help them to recover.

But what is good food? Since bodybuilders starting to share their thoughts about training and nutrition, the opinions on good and bad changed frequently. Of course bodybuilders are only human and often their opinion on nutrition is influenced by the media. And in the media you can find many diet fads. It was once thought that cholesterol, like in egg yolks, would clog up your arteries. Everyone remembers the “low fat” myth and the for bodybuilders so important carb issue, the low carb diet. Carbs are said to be bad for people, it makes them fat and sick and many books, blogs, articles in magazines etc, were spreading this theory as a fact -- it turned into a dogma and even now many people including athletes, believe it.