July 2016

I was reading an interview with Phil Heath. Referring to Ronnie’s trainings protocol, 180 kg for warming- up, 275 kg for 10 reps , 365 kg for 2 reps, training after training, year after year - squatting and deadlifting with 365 kg, bent over rowing with 180 to 225 kg.

Most of us know that what we eat and (ab)use influences our skin, just as certain lifestyle habits do, just think of sunbathing, smoking and drugabuse.

Bodybuilders show their, almost naked, body to the judges and public. If something is unusual, like in this case the skin texture, the bodybuilder can expect his picture all over the net and in discussion forums.

A competing bodybuilder I know for many years mailed me that he was using oxandrolone in his preparation. He heard that someone had analysed the brand he used and that it contained stanozolol instead of oxandrolone.

Omega 3 supplements and cod liver oil are taken by millions of people every day as it has been suggested they are good for the heart, brain and joints, and the capsules are thought to work by improving the health of blood vessels, lowering cholesterol and reducing inflammation. Fish oil is the third most widely used supplement in the United States, with around 10 percent of Americans taking it regularly — often for the perceived benefit to cardiovascular health. Sales were about $1 billion in 2012.