Site injections, progress or madness ...?

From the physical culture of young surfers from the sunny beaches of California emerged not to long ago a new phenomenon called “ bodybuilding”.  It was new, to only want to look strong and not compete for strength, like by example weightlifting. Bodybuilding received a major boost with the arrival of Arnold and Franco, who were contracted directly by Weider, the then wannabe rich and the wannabe famous.

It was for the first bodybuilders and competitive athletes, especially the weightlifters at that time, a whole gamble when they popped their first little, blue Dianabol tablet in their throat,   and later when they first started to inject muscle-enhancing substances, mainly testosterone derivatives, in the upper outer quarter of their buttock.

Unreal supermen for the then still ignorant public and admirers. But the development went fast, very fast. Because always injecting at the same place caused scar tissue, which seriously hampered the injection.  Bodybuilders searched for other places to inject. The most popular outside the buttock and shoulder became the leg muscle. They injected at the place where the hand came down if you lift from your shoulders sideways and then let it drop on the leg. This place holds a lot of vascular tissue and only a small amount of nerve tissue. Still it gave many bodybuilders a dead, numb leg, and made it impossible for a few days to train the legs.


Site injection

After this came the rumours that the pros injected their triceps and calves with Winstrol. The followers discovered later, by trial and error, that the water-soluble steroids were not at all appropriate to inject in the muscle groups, any more than the highly concentrated oil-based steroids. This is because each side of the same muscle group, on both the left and the right side, should be injected with the same amount of oils and AAS. At an amount from beginner to advanced, from 1-5 ml at a time. When you use highly concentrated steroids such as Sustanon- 250, the amount of AAS which is working in your system, will increase of course very quickly. That is why most bodybuilders later changed to Primobolan 100 mg/ml, Virormone Propionate  50 mg/ml or other low dosed AAS. Finished oils often contained Deca Durabolin or pro-hormones but more about that later

The injection takes place between the muscle groups or in the muscle itself, especially the lagging body parts.

To inject into it you have to sit forward on a chair and rest the arm you are injecting on its corresponding leg. Like left arm on left leg. Now curl your arm upward and inward as if you where doing a concentration curl and rest you fist in the centre of your pecs. Now lift your elbow up and in. Reach over with the other arm and prod around at the base of your deltoid (shoulder muscle) just above the rear head of the triceps. Where delt, tricep and brachialis meet. You will find a small fleshy area. Or as Paul Borresen so nicely described "a pocket designed by God for us to inject into ". If you inject Testosterone Propionate, Virormone is the favourite, into this site, your arms will swell up. Doing this on a regular basis will quickly put a good inch on your arms. You shouldn't inject Synthol, Esi-Kleen, Stan Capri 5000 or other MCT oils between the muscles, Virormone 50 mg / ml is perfectly suitable for this purpose. If you're in this place 2 ml per arm injected, the arm circumference will increase rapidly.


To quote Paul Borresen again: “Bodybuilding in all its guises is painful. Training if done correctly will reduce you to tears, diet will make you practically suicidal, cardio bore you senseless and the pharmacology can make you feel like you have been blasted by a gun full of buckshot. Success is about sacrifice and sacrifice itself is painful.

Then you have to live in the normal world. If you inject into your arms I bet that everyone will want to squeeze them. You can't flinch, not unless it is someone especially close to you who knows what you do. My predication for the location of substances is PAIN.

Esiclene® ( aka Formebolon or Hubernol ) is an anbolic steroid containing the active ingredient Formyldienolone, chemically it is a modified weaker compound, comparable to methandrostenolone/methandienone (Dianabol or D-bol). It was formerly used to treat children with growth deficiency. Of the drugs used to produce localized growth, this is probably the oldest, and it was first produced in Italy in 1969. But it became popular when Bill Phillips, the former owner of Muscle Media and author of "Body for Life, in the mid-eighties started to write about this particular use of Esiclene. At the professional level, Esiclene usage could be the crucial factor between winning and losing. With injections (water) Esiclene causes localized inflammation; this is extremely painful and leaves the muscles to swell enormously. That is why 20 mgs of the local anaesthetic lidocaine are added to each ampoule, to minimize the suffering of the user. It is almost impossible to flex the muscles, after injection. Esiclene’s effects are only temporary, the swelling usually last 3-4 days, and the treatment was limited to the last 10-14 days before a show.


There are stories of competitive bodybuilders that shot Esiclene 40-50 shots before a show. Think of the agony, and that's not even about the abdominal pain and diarrhea. Between shots you just had run a piece or something in order to process the pain and respond to. Esiclene in mid 1990’s was a fad. You injected it on the day of the show, a few hours before you stepped on stage. The timing was crucial, if you shot it too soon you lost all detail. If you where full, you went behind the stage, laid down and swallowed the pain, and said nothing.

As an anabolic, Esiclene was commercially not very successful, and in the late nineties, production was gradually discontinued. In 2004, when the stock of Esiclene dried, you saw a number of pros (and more than you think) no longer could handle the competition and dived down in the rankings. And the bodybuilding world cried the day that drug no longer became available.

Just before a show it is common for professional bodybuilders to use prostaglandins in as many muscle groups as possible. This is painful and causes the muscle to swell tremendously. It takes a real effort to flex. Pain is perhaps the last thing on a bodybuilders mind.

Caverject® ( active ingredient Alprostadil)

Alprostadil is a synthetic form of the natural prostaglandin PGE1, which has the capacity. to almost immediately after use (5-20 minutes), to create an erection that last 30-60 minutes.

It is a drug that impotent men inject in the shaft of their penis to achieve an erection. When it is injected it stimulates the release of nitric oxide (NO), a vasodilator that is vital for blood flow in the arteries of the penis.  Creative bodybuilders soon found new uses. Bodybuilders, who are not struggling with impotence symptoms, looked differently at Caverject ®. Had this drug  potency as a site enhancer  as a local grower? If it could swell the penis - a muscle after all , maybe it could also do wonders for the under-developed muscle groups.

In any case, Caverject ®  was pushed by dealers on the Internet as a great promise in this area and the best alternative for the loss of  Esiclene.
Side effects other than injection pain and discomfort, from Caverject ® are not really worthy to report. Only with original use of the drug (obtaining an erection) you should be careful  to inject on both sides of the penis, otherwise you create the tower of Pisa.

There is a winner of a national competition who won his show with six millimetres of Caverject in his arm and shoulder muscles.

The product was put on the market in 1995 by Pharmacia & Upjohn and was a few years later Pfizer released Viagra ®, a pill that did same, only better and without the needles to be handled. The sale of alprostadil took a nosedive.


And then ... Nolotil came out ..20 times stronger than EsicleneÒ. Nolotil ® has gained a good reputation among competitive bodybuilders of being the only real successor of the no longer available EsicleneÒ. NolotiÒl is a prostaglandin just like CaverjectÒ and was originally developed for the bodies of small children to swell prior to surgery, to enable surgeons to work with manageable size organs. It did not take long before bodybuilders, always looking for something that the competition does not already used, realized that Nolotil could swell each body part. Bodybuilders have developed a nose for this. Nolotil works best when the targeted muscle is injected one hour before you start training and injected with 2.5 - 5 ml per muscle, depending on its mass (Nolotil comes in 5 ml ampoules). Then a light workout for the injected muscle group to stimulate circulation and improve the drug distribution. This process of injecting and light exercise is repeated a few days for maximum effect. After a light training, the oil distributes nice and you see the muscle group increase almost immediately 4-5 cm in size and this effect lasts 3-4 days. But the pain ... more intense than that of Esiclene, it adds a new dimension to the term.. "no pain, no gain".


I've been working with people using Prostaglandins before going to bed at night, and I've seen phenomenal results. They can also be used to provide "local" enlargement. I use it to smooth out my symmetry. I don't feel that the claims of bad side effects are all that genuine. If you look at the risks and side effects of pharmacology as a whole, prostaglandins fall pretty low down on the list.

The drug (metamizole) is not used by competitive bodybuilders for fever reduction or pain suppression, but because of the strange side effect of the place where it is injected surge temporarily swells, making a muscle group larger and fuller may appear. The off-label use of this local grower is as follows: one half 5ml ampoule deep intramuscularly in the corresponding muscle group.. This can for the poor, for example, up to several centimetres extra. When used for larger muscle groups like back, the effect is usually not very even, what muscle group a strange sight onuitgebalanceerde feeding. For biceps, triceps, shoulders and calves are the best results recorded. Moreover, the effects last only a few days, after which the needle must be re-used.
Some users where just lyrical about it :  “1.5-2 inch damn near instantaneous size increase for biceps, triceps, delts, calves, chest……you name it, and Nolotil will swell it. Best of all, the effect lasts for 3-4 days and actually IMPROVES the definition and vascularity. Sounds too good to be true, I know….but let me assure you that I have seen this product work and work it does. Before my eyes, I witnessed a flexed arm measure a full two inches more within hours after application. Seems the best way to apply is to use a ¾ to 1 inch pin and go into the desired muscle with 3-5ml (Nolotil comes in 5ml amps) and then go and lightly train that muscle to help disperse the Nolotil throughout the muscle belly…..By doing this, I watched this persons arm literally measure 2 inches bigger in a span of a few hours. (The shot was taken an hour before he trained arms) The effect lasted 4 days. Obviously I don't have to tell you what this means. Weak calves, bis, tris, delts, traps, pecs, shit even quads and lats and upper back are all going to swell like you cannot believe. There are a number of Pros out there (and a lot more than you think) whose placings took a literal nosedive when the Esciclene supply dried up. Get ready for another wave of freakiness boys and girls. Nolotil is here and I can guarantee it will be determining the placings of contests from now on."

Yes I have used it and it does work very good and better than esiclene in my opinion. It only lasts like 72 hours at most though and not a week like some say. It will leave a beesting looking welt on the injection though but, will go away after rubbing it. I was fucking around with it, using it with gear shots and only did like 1ml in each bi and 1ml in each tri mixed with 2cc's of gear in each and my arms were just NUTS!!! They went from like 22 to 23.25 in 1 hour.

Metamizole is a very a controversial drug. Because of the many serious side effects that may occur as shock, blood disorders, kidney failure and agranulocytosis (sudden high fever and reduction of white blood cells) and a number of fatal endings worldwide, some countries, including Canada and the United States, have withdrawn the drug from the market. It is good to keep that in mind if you consider using it.


In Germany Chris Clarke was injecting himself with a variety of different oil that had been sterilized in a pressure cooker. In his quest for the ultimate combination of oils, he injected so much that he almost died on numerous occasions from pulmonary embolisms, and very nearly lost one of his legs below the knee due to a horrible infection. After him many deaths and near deaths followed.  To circumvent the legal aspects of selling a product so ignoble,  he advertised  it as a posing oil, hence the commercial name of "Pump N Pose."  However it is very naive to believe that you pay $ 400 for a 100ml bottle of oil for posing oil even more naive to believe that such an oil  should contain lidocaine . But because "Pump'n Pose"  was advertised and sold as an  oil to rub onto your body before a show, it could be sold legally, and that happened especially over the Internet and via (US) bodybuilding mags. In the slipstream of Synthol followed a host of others, such as Capri Stan 5000 which, Site Enhancement Oil Plus containing silica, you know, the small bags, which are included in a shoebox and usually equipped with a skull and the text: "Do not eat" , perhaps "Do not inject” in this case would have been more appropriate. Chris Clarke coquetted with the South African Jacko Strauss, the man with 68 inch arms cold, until research of a muscle magazine revealed that this man in shot oil 50ml (!!!)  in his arms (!!!!) every day. Before you now run to the bottle Bertoli, this of course is not sterile.

This product we now call  Synthol, is a collection of MCTs (Medium Chain Fatty acids - C8, C10 and C12) with a preservative (Benzyl Alcohol) and a local analgesic (Lidocaine). Use of Synthol in the higher echelons of the bodybuilding contest are now  quite established.

Just like Clarke, the famous professional bodybuilder Milos Sarcev nearly died of an anaphylactic reaction caused by an injection of Esik-Kleen, this is a direct systemic infection, he immediately gasped for air and had a hard time breathing and the area became very red and swollen and irritated. Milos confessed his use and the problems he faced.  Milos’ problem was not that he injected 3cc’s of this product , but that he had an anaphylactic response to the product because of something that was in it and most probably due to its non-sterility. A lot of the black athletes use it in their calves to over-come their genetically high calves, and most of the pros will use it to fill out the shoulders. Flex Wheeler admitted to using Synthol after his career was over during the time he was at the peak. Other professional bodybuilders that are strongly associated with Synthol usage, are Ernie Taylor (triceps), Nasser el Sonbatty (shoulders), Greg Kovacs (shoulders)., Ronnie Coleman (calves), Marcus Ruhl (biceps),  Dexter Jackson (calves),  it would become an endless list. But most pro’s will rather admit using steroids – peptides then the use of Synthol or implants, because this is still seen as cheating, despite the fact that almost everyone does it.

Synthol use is associated with the freaks and the losers that show, red swollen ballonish muscle groups that are totally out of proportion. At professional bodybuilders on the other hand, injections will be performed by a Doctor or an expirienced “nutritionists” at sensible dosages and correct techniques.

MCT oils are inexpensive, so the profit is huge and the demand was and is enormous. Chris Clarke sold his “secret mixture” of oils and made a fortune. Now people push their own combinations of oils, “enriched” with collagen or silica “for more permanent gains”. Collagen is the same stuff that girls get put into there lips. On the discusionboards pushers are debating the type of silica or a derivative of it that is already naturally occuring in the body (nails). They also claim injection of the oils would strech the muscle fascia, create spaces between the fascia etc. All this (of course) creates much permanent mass.

What could these substances do for muscle development?  The answer is clear: nothing.  None of these compounds have the ability to promote anabolism, quite the opposite effect of their use could be death of surrounding tissue.

When you apply one of these oils, only a small part is absorbed (metabolised) immediately, the rest remains at the injection depot spot.  The large amount of oil is recognized by the body as a foreign body within the muscle and, as a means of protection, a layer of connective tissue is formed around the oil to prevent it from spreading and causing more damage.  Namely, by applying one of these oils, it is not increasing muscle mass, but creating a kind of tumour.

The body may not be able to adequately control the damaging processes caused by the presence of oil, generating a progressive tissue destruction that leads to impairment of the whole region, culminating in the surgical removal of dead tissue and, in extreme cases, lead to amputation . Another serious problem is the very act of injecting the oils, which is usually done by the user himself or by another unprepared person, without any knowledge of anatomy.  Usually the places where they apply the drugs are highly vascularised, such as biceps and calf muscles, which exponentially increases the risk of hitting branches of the circulatory system during application.  If the substance enters into circulation, the risk of death is real and imminent; it may cause clots, heart attacks, strokes or other serious problems.  Also relatively realistic are cases where you hit nerves, leading to irreversible paralysis.

Its not certain that it will happen as outlined here, but if you and your friends are inexperienced, it is very well possible that it will happen (Murphy’s law, remember) As you will have understood by now, you do not go putting this shit into your own body, unless you value an early tormented death.

Because of the unavailability and price, many young, often reckless, and impatient bodybuilders are willing to take the risks and inject homebrew oils. See our article: "20 years and an early death". In Scandinavia and England, even motor oil that is sterilized and “enriched” with steroids is injected. As you may have read from the previous, more and new resources added to the chemical arsenal of the bodybuilder. It would be extremely stupid if one would assume that the bodybuilders refrained of the use of Synthol.  Synthol is here to stay.. and its use is only discontinued if better means are developed !!!!!

The usage of painkillers, barbiturates, opiates (Nubain etc) is also prevalent among the Synthol users, mostly because site injections are not painless, and it makes a good workout almost impossible as well.


 In Brazil, the alternative to the use of Synthol and other oils, is a veterinary medicine for relatively inexpensive and easily accessible: the ADE vitamin compound.

 Each 100 ml of SDW is usually composed of 2,500,000 to 25,000,000 IU vitamin A, 500,000 to 7,000,000 IU of vitamin D and 1650 to 7000 IU vitamin E.  Officially, this product is recommended to treat vitamin and infections in cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats and rabbits (there are no clear recommendations for use in dogs and cats).

 Because it contains fat soluble vitamins ADE of the vehicle is oily and its cost is relatively low given the raw material and disposal of the product.  Thus, some "genius" had the bad idea to start the localized injection of this substance and create a Brazilian version of the Synthol, presenting us with one of the most ignorant practices of the world of fitness.

 As noted, the ADE does not have the painkiller found in the above products, which makes its implementation more painful and makes it more difficult if a large quantity is used at once.  However, many users circumvent this limitation with small and constant application of the drug, resulting in long-term deformations and the same side effects that can occur with other oils.

In the year 2002 a rumour spread over the internet, as fast as a drop of oil in water, that the “most hated man of bodybuilding”, Gregg Valentino had died. That is what lots of pessimists had expected and probably had hoped.


The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet had used Valentino’s picture in an article about a 20 year old bodybuilder that died because he had injected motor oil in his muscles. First the police believed the young man had died by natural causes. After a tip, they started an investigation and arrested another 20-year old man, a friend of the victim, who had been present during the injections.


I am convinced that in many cases, as in this case, the actual cause of death is not detected. And that many bodybuilders die using AAS - insulin - peptides - SEOs diuretics - etc or a combination thereof, but that is not recognized as the real cause of death. Moreover, even impurities - incorrect injection techniques and the build-up of toxic substances like heavy metals, etc. might be one reason. I know of a similar case, where toxic build up of additives in tablets where found as real cause of death after a tip and subsequent analytical analysis of the tablets found in the UK.


Mats Garle, doping expert at the Huddinge University Hospital says: “Bodybuilders will not die from the oil they inject in their muscles. However it is it is common for those who inject SEO’s also abusing anabolic steroids – and taking other drugs”.


Ingemar Thiblin, chief physician from the Department of Forensic Medicine, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. He has never heard of someone killed by oil in muscle.  "Cooking oil can be killed by direct, if it happened, it is extremely unique, " he says.  ”If you inject motor oil or cooking oil, it is obviously dangerous, but you don’t die from an ordinary oil in medicine”.  Another potential hazard arises if the oil is dirty, then you can die of a general blood poisoning. But it is a slow process.  Because of all the young muscular death Thiblin performed autopsy on over 50 bodies.  ”Toxicological findings and manner of death in autopsied users of anabolic androgenic steroids” 

PDF downloadable under this article.

This issue of site injecting different oils is in 2010 and 2011  a very hot topic and we will cover it in a new article.   I want it all .. and I want it now..