Cycle 101

They keys to success with planning your cycle for beginners and intermediate users alike.

The most common way to use AAS is in pre-planned periods of time while a person is taking any compounds. The idea is to accomplish a set of goals and objectives, then allow the body to return to a state of rest and confirm that there are no medical difficulties before repeating the process. There is also some debate about whether or not long-term AAS use reduces efficacy. Cycles can be short (8 weeks) to long  (20 weeks).
To perform a good cycle, there are various items that must be understood.
Checklist for Pre-Cycle
The following checklist was intended to assist new users in making sure they've covered all of their bases.
1. Cycle objectives: What are your objectives for the cycle? The cycle's aims are critical for planning a complete cycle, including compounds, length, and recuperation.
2. Meal Plan: How many calories do you intend to consume every day? Will you re-feed if you're cutting? How often do you do it?
3. Workout Plan: In general, your recovery time after a workout will be shorter. This will allow for more physical activity while riding the bike. Take advantage of this to get the most out of your cycle and schedule additional gym time.
4. Blood Work: Blood tests (blood work) are essential for all safe cycles to maintain user safety.
Pre-cycle: To ensure good health and provide an accurate assessment of pre-cycle testosterone production, blood work is strongly suggested before a cycle.
On-cycle: You may wish to get blood testing done while on cycle, depending on the length of your cycle and your faith in the source. This will ensure that your equipment is in good operating order and that you remain healthy.
After PCT: Newer users or those with unknown sources of testosterone should have blood tests done to guarantee that natural testosterone production returns.
5. Gear List: What equipment do you need to purchase? Consider buying a little more than you'll need in case something goes wrong (like dropping a vial).
6. List of AIs: Different cycles necessitate different AIs. Even if not used during the cycle, it's always a good idea to keep one on hand. You can't afford to run a cycle if you can't afford an AI.
7. PCT List: During the cycle, your natural testosterone production will most likely stop. After the cycle, a solid plan must be put in place to ensure a return to stasis and normal testosterone production.
8. Pin Protocol: How many pins do you need, how do you store them, and how do you get rid of them? What are your plans for storing them? What will you do with them?
9. Questions: You will most likely acquire a lot of weight during your cycle. Friends and family may inquire about your progress. Prepare to respond to these questions.
10. Clothes: You'll most likely need some new ones while on the bike.
Planning Your Cycle
You'll need to know how much of each substance you'll be using for the course of your cycle while planning it. Plotting your blood levels of various chemicals can be extremely beneficial.
Calculating the Total Amount Needed
To figure out how much money you'll need to buy everything, do the following:
X mg desired * total number of days / week(s) * total number of weeks = total amount required
Calculate the total mg per vial using the following formula:
total ml * #mg / ml = total mg per vial
Then figure out how many vials you'll need:
total needed / mg per vial = total vials
To be sure, round up and add one:
total vials, rounded up to the nearest +1 = total purchase price
Example Calculation
12 Week Cycle, 150mg every other day.
Vials are 10 ml and contain 100mg/ml of Testosterone Propionate.
  1. To calculate the total amount needed to be purchased:
    150 mg * (7 injections / 2 weeks) * 12 weeks = 6,300 mg total needed
  2. Calculate the total mg per vial:
    10 ml of 10g mg/ml vial = 10 ml * 100mg /ml = 1000 mg per vial
  3. So for a Test P cycle, 150 mg, EOD:
    6,300 mg / ( 1000mg / vial ) = 6.3
  4. Round up and add one to be sure:
    (6.3 round up =) 7 + 1 = 8 total vials needed
Dosage Calculation
The majority of vials are 10ml in size. The number of milligrams per milliliter (mg / ml) is usually stated on the label. A vial of Testosterone Propionate, for example, may come in a 10ml vial containing 100mg/ml. That means there is 1000mg of the compound in the entire vial. You will inject 1.5ml of EOD if you wish to inject 150mg of the drug.
X mg desired / (N mg / ml) = Total ml needed per injection.
For a Testosterone Propionate vial at 100 mg / ml and a user wanting 150mg E0D:
150mg / (100 mg / ml) = 1.5 ml
For a Testosterone Ethanate vial at 250 mg / ml and a user wanting 150mg E2D:
150mg / (250 mg / ml) = .6 ml
Blast and Cruise
Some users prefer not to waste time with PCT and instead wish to continue using steroids for a longer period of time. They'll then perform a cycle (blast), followed by a TRT dose (cruise). This helps the body to recover from the stress imposed by the blast, allowing the liver and kidneys to relax and cholesterol levels to normalize. They may then proceed to execute another blast once they are back within healthy ranges.
This eliminates the need for PCT, which is physically demanding in and of itself. This also inhibits muscle loss, which is common during PCT. Of course, there are drawbacks. During this time, you will most likely be infertile or have a very low sperm count, and the longer you stay on, the more likely you are to remain infertile or have a very low sperm count if you PCT. These incidents are uncommon, yet they do occur.
Finding a Source
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