Cola, Soda, Pop, Iced Tea, Killing You Softly

Undoubtedly, many people are crazy about soft drinks. By soft drinks I mean not just the bottled or the canned colas we normally call soft drinks but even iced tea and all other artificially colored, flavored, and carbonated soda drinks in the market. Some people believe they are going healthier when they take ice tea instead of cola. Well you are wrong folks. Iced tea is just as damaging and addicting. Have you noticed how it has been hooking you? Whether you admit or not…you are already addicted to iced tea just as others are addicted to the common cola or soda.

I've seen many who have been almost (or shall I say actually) addicted to soft drinks. Their meal will not be complete without a bottle of cola or a pitcher of iced tea. Soft drinks boost their appetite and make their meal more enjoyable. Well perhaps some are ignorant about the harmful effects of soft drinks but many I supposed are just unmindful. They are ignoring the truth because the bad side effects of this unhealthy habit have yet to be felt. While there are those who are not really aware of the bad effects, there are however many who know but do not really care. They are not bothered by the fact that soft drinks are nothing but plain and simple junks. They simply ignore the fact that soft drinks have very high phosphate content and yet zero in calcium. So what health benefits do we gain from drinking these? Nothing! Sadly though, many people kept drinking soft drinks despite having known that eventually this habit will lead to poor bone mineralization, hypertension, and kidney damage.

They also don't really mind the fact that soft drinks are the biggest sources of caffeine. Many are even disputing and disbelieving the fact that the acidity of these artificially colored beverages is the same as that of synthetic vinegar. Imagine the extent of damage it could do to our colon? Nevertheless, soft drinks addicts would not want to be disturbed by any of these facts because to them the taste is fairly sweet, heavenly, and refreshing anyway. The high amount of sugar in soft drinks has cleverly hidden its acidity so that drinkers have been totally deceived. The high sugar content is definitely leading toward tooth loss, periodontal disease, gingivitis and diabetes. But who cares? They so loved their soft drinks just the same! But you folks are willing victims. You do not realize that you are drinking this dangerous mixture of phosphoric acid, sugar, caffeine, coloring, and artificial flavoring. If in case you still don't know let me warn you that aside from the bad effects stated earlier, the phosphorous and phosphoric acid in your soft drinks can corrode your stomach linings, can disturb the alkaline-acid balance of your kidneys, and as earlier said can destroy your liver. Of course we know how important our liver is. God must have intentionally made this the heaviest organ among all the internal organs our body because it has the heaviest and most vital functions to perform. A healthy liver means a healthy life and for this we need to take extra care. But people keep taking food and drinks that destroy the liver. It maybe quite a gradual process but eventually the damage will be too great a cost for it could mean one’s life. How then could liver effectively function? How could damage liver process nutrients from food, make bile, remove toxins and build proteins for the benefit of our body? Our liver is very resilient and excessive intake of harmful food and drinks can lead to its inflammation and when this happened a person will suffer from very poor state of health. This is therefore very alarming. Once your liver has been damaged, then that's it. You will surely regret all your life. There is no way out anymore. Your whole body will disintegrate little by little till you bid goodbye to this world. What a hard way to end one's life!

Now folks, tell me… will you still ignore the damage these soft drinks can do to your body? Will you still match your food with a bottle of cola or a glass of iced tea, or whatever colored carbonated beverage of your choice? You mothers out there? Do you love your children? Then why, will you still tolerate your children who prefer soft drinks more than plain water? God gave us the freedom to make choices but we must be wise enough in our choices and preferences.

Here is the reason no one should CONSUME soda, it is poison

Orange Soda Ingredient List:

  • HFCS--Evil, crap, garbage. My nemesis. Leads to adult onset type 2 diabetes (which CHILDREN are now being diagnosed in record numbers), messes up your hormone function, linked to obesity b/c it boosts the fat storing hormone. Toxic, anti-nutrient.
  • Citric Acid-- basically, citric acid is a preservative...when combined with sodium benzoate (below) it will create benzoic acid, which is a toxin
  • Benzoic Acid-toxic preservative //
  • Modified Food Starch
  • "Natural Flavors"
  • Caffeine
  • Ester Gum
  • Ascorbic Acid--Vitamin C, used as a preservative...But when combined with Benzoic Acid, this creates Benzene, a known carcinogen! Poison!
  • Yellow 6-food coloring, THE WORST ONE (this tops the list along with blue 1 and 2, red 3, and green 3 as being the worst)
  • Red 40

Is this NOT one of the worst things you could put into your body????? Loved ones, readers, friends.....PLEASE never, ever, ever drink this again! Or any other soda while you're at it.

***Benzene is also  formed by using  potassium benzoate and ascorbic acid***

you can do a GOOGLE search to benzene to find out how dangerous this compound is to your health and wellbeing