February 2022

You don't have to give up exercising just because your schedule is jam-packed. When you only have a few minutes - and no equipment - try these four exercises.

The 10,000-step-per-day goal has sparked a slew of exercise challenges and is still the default setting on many fitness monitors. Perhaps meeting your step goal, which is around 5 miles, is part of your own wellness routine.
Is getting 10,000 steps every day, however, actually beneficial to our overall health? Is it just another exercise fad?
What comes to mind when you hear the word nitric oxide (NO)?
Isn't it likely that you're thinking of a dentist's office? The trouble is, instead of nitric oxide, they employ nitrous oxide.
This amazing exercise with the cable upright row can help you grow your shoulders.
Building our shoulders can be difficult, but with wonderful exercises like the cable upright row, it's not impossible. The right shoulder exercise will help you to target those muscles that are frequently disregarded or underworked, allowing you to see them grow consistently. Using cable machines and taking advantage of them can help you obtain more time under strain while also increasing the machine's support for continual tension.
The most difficult aspect of working out for most individuals is... working out. That is, working out on a regular basis.
The hardest aspect is simply working out consistently, whether it's going to the gym on a regular basis or going downstairs for an at-home workout.

We all know someone who claims to be able to hold a plank for 15 minutes. While none of us has ever stayed long enough to witness this incredible 15-minute plank, it's safe to imagine that the form isn't flawless, particularly near the end of the time limit.

It is common knowledge that a nutritious diet combined with regular exercise is a tried-and-true approach to lose weight. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of both the food they eat and the liquids they consume. The liquids you consume on a daily basis have an impact on your weight loss goals. We'll look at the link between alcohol and weight loss in this post. What are your thoughts on whether or not alcohol slows your metabolism? Let's get this figured out!

Having great abs or a six pack has essentially become a trend for many of us. It's almost magical how a seductive tight waist, washboard abs, and those "sex lines" appear to fascinate the human eye. "What body part do you think ladies look at first on a man?" I asked a local survey, and 9/10 of the respondents said "abs" or "stomach."