September 2021


If you love shrimp, you’re not alone. The average American consumes about 4 pounds of shrimp yearly! Shrimp is one of the most consumed type of shellfish. 
Health experts and doctors used to warn people to stay away from shrimp and other shellfish because they believed they were too high in cholesterol. Now they know dietary cholesterol, like that in shrimp, has little to no effect on blood cholesterol for most people. Instead, your blood cholesterol is more influenced by the mix of fats and carbs you eat. 
L-5 hydroxytryptophan, commonly known as 5-HTP, is a compound produced in the body from the essential amino acid tryptophan. After tryptophan is converted into 5-HTP, it can change into serotonin, aka the happy chemical. Serotonin plays an essential role in depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, weight gain, and other conditions. Therefore, increasing your body’s production of serotonin may have various benefits. Serotonin-producing 5-HTP supplements have been increasing in popularity for this reason.
It happens to the best of us. Sometimes you get caught up, life gets in the way, your schedule changes, you lose motivation, or a cheat day turns into weeks or longer, and you haven’t picked yourself back up. And that’s okay. It’s time to dust yourself off and get out of this rut. You can do it, you just might need some pointers to get into the right mindset. 
Write Down Your Goals – and BE SPECIFIC! 
The probability of achieving a goal that isn’t specific or measurable is just about as likely to happen as a goal without a plan. So you want to get jacked? How so - how many inches do you want to gain within the next year? Want to lose weight - how many pounds? Want to run more – how many miles per week?
There comes a point in bodybuilding where you must bulk to gain muscle, and not everyone wants to or can do it with gear. Winter and late fall is when most bodybuilders choose to start their bulking phase, so that eating more and training heavier isn’t done during beach season or competition season. In order to have a successful bulk while staying natty, your plan needs to be precise and executed properly. 
Stretching is a fitness staple, unfortunately for many bodybuilders, stretching is just an afterthought to their training regimen. Many people don’t see the value in stretching unless they actively want to improve their flexibility or mobility. But did you know that certain types of stretching, like fascial stretching (also known as Extreme Stretching or Extreme Fascial Stretching (E.F.S.) can actually help your body unlock even further muscle building capability? 
1. Go for the Stairmaster first
The Stairmaster is readily available at most gyms and is one of the tougher pieces of cardio there. Another option is to walk or run the stairs outdoors (or indoors if you have the space and you won’t inconvenience other people).