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300mg Test E - will my testicles retract??

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  • 300mg Test E - will my testicles retract??

    Hey bros,

    I'm starting 300mg Test E & 400mg EQ for 15 weeks - will my testicles shrink or retract on this relatively low dose? How far into the cycle would I expect them to retract? This is my first cycle in years so I'm starting slow and treating it pretty much as a first cycle.


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    There is now way around possible testicle shrinkage when doing a cycle. You'll probably start to notice it within 4 weeks.

    Since this is your first cycle, consider increasing the Test dose and removing the EQ. Add one new compound at a time as you do more cycles in the future. This will help you figure out how your body reacts to everything.

    PCT is recommended. Nolvadex and Clomid. Please research standard PCT and get back to me with the results and I can confirm if it looks good, as they are pretty standard).


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      Thanks man - I appreciate your thoughts and response.
      I only a week in and feel my balls shrinking - at least it means the test is legit!

      I did a cycle about 10 years ago and enjoyed EQ so wanted to use it again.

      My cycle will be 15 weeks. I did bloodwork before starting and will do it halfway through and after PCT.
      I have Nolvadex on hand in case I get nipple sensitivity.

      For PCT I plan to start 10 days after my last shot and use 1000 ius of HCG for 5 weeks (split into 2 shots) and 20mg of Nolva a day (before bed) for 7 weeks.

      How does that sound?