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    Quick back story. 6 years ago (age 33) I lost 188 total lbs, while adding a lot of strength. I lost the weight in 11 months. Worked my @ss off... A messy divorce, custody battle, couple changes in occupation later, blah blah blah, and I find myself in about the same condition as I started 6 years ago. Basically the same starting weight, low T, low energy.

    So, I'm back on the wagon. Lifting big, melting my fat @ss off of my frame. I'm older now... I lost the weight the first time all natural. I didn't know much about gear at the time, and I just put work in. By the end of the weight loss, I was so fatigued. My body was just spent. This time around, I'm getting on Test. My plan is to take Test for the rest of my life. My initial simple stack is as follows.
    12 weeks
    Test E 250 per week
    Dbol 20 per day for the first 30 days
    I will have some AI on standby should I need it, but I'm not planning on it.
    No PCT as I'm planning on either dropping Test to 200 per week and cruising forever, or just leaving it at 250 if I'm having no sides.

    I'm heavy (450) so sides are a concern. I am still very strong in all my lifts, so muscle mass is there, it's just covered in bubble wrap. Anyways, this is my plan of attack. Any input would be great! Thanks in advance. This is a great site, and a huge resource.

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    Hi bear. My story is similar to yours. I got myself in the best shape of my life back in ?17 via a dedicated resistance training regimen, but totally stopped somewhere in 2019. I still looked pretty decent for about a year after that, but it creeps up on you.

    How is your regimen going? I hope you?re still at it.

    I?m a little less than a month into mine, and I?ve learned (the hard way) that the best way to start a new fitness regimen is to ease into it. So I?m pretty much at the point now where I?m able to really start increasing the weights I?m pushing.

    Hope to hear back from you. I?m also interested in your diet during this time.


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      My arms looked like dicks till I started this cycle test/tren/var how di I get it back. Diets relatively the same about 12 bodyfat


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        Hey Bear, how's it going brother? any updates?


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          Early morning cycling workouts is good for the body health. Every day I travel 6 to 10 kms in the cycle. It makes me more strong and helps to lose weight from the body.


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            Cycling exercises in the morning are healthy for the body. I pedal somewhere between 6 and 10 kilometers per day. It increases my strength and aids in body weight loss. tunnel rush