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adding compounds to weekly TRT regimen

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  • adding compounds to weekly TRT regimen

    Hey everyone! I am on 200 mg of test cyp TRT therapy weekly and looking to add a compound or 2 for an 8-10 week cycle. Currently 200lbs 5'9 and 53 years old. Looking to lose about 20lbs and add some lean mass. I've been working out for years but would like to up my game a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I like to add one of three compounds, Proviron, Anavar or Winstrol. And then of course there's always the Deca I love but that would probably be counterproductive to your goals.


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      Welcome brother!

      How long have you been on TRT? And would this be your first cycle?

      If you're looking for clean gains, I would consider using Anavar (make sure its legit - any of our sponsors are top notch) for 4-6 weeks of the cycle.