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FAQs: How Do I Mix And Run My HCG?

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  • FAQs: How Do I Mix And Run My HCG?

    Compound Handling and Mixing

    How Do I Mix And Run My HCG?

    Mixing 2ml bac water with 5000iu hCG will provide 250iu for every tenth of a ml/cc. This will provide you 20 250iu hCG doses.

    Generally hCG will come with a vial of lyophilized powder and an ampule of either sodium chloride solution or bacteriostatic water. You want the bacteriostatic water. Bac water is intended for multiple uses and will inhibit bacteria growth. The sodium chloride solution is intended for female fertility use purposes and is to be used in a single injection. If used over multiple injections it may begin to grow bacteria.

    When you check your vial of lyophilized hCG it will generally be 5000 IU, although it can come in other amounts.

    Using 5000 IU as the most common example; if you take 2mL of Bac Water and inject that slowly into your vial of 5000 IU hCG, you then have 250 IU per tenth of a mL (cc). So every tenth of your 1mL insulin syringe would be 250 IU.

    The other form hCG might come in is a liquid form. This is hCG in a solution with a preservative to keep it active. You may add bacteriostatic water to this in order to adjust your dosage if you need.

    In either case, hCG should be kept in the refrigerator after reconstitution to preserve its shelf life. It should be refrigerated within 72 hours of mixing it with bac water. hCG should be good for around 60 days when refrigerated. After that time it will lose potency at about ten percent per week as time goes on.