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    As it is customary to introduce ones self on discussion boards and forums, here I am.
    49yrs of age, single and ready to mingle. Though you might not think so just by my appearance, I've been around the game for probably twenty years or so. In and out, off and on. My cycles have varied in length and dose but for the most part fairly conservative. Mainly due to money but also due to my body not wanting to hold any meaningful growth. Largest dose was 1g. of Test. Most toxic compounds, out of my kitchen. On TRT at this time, self prescribed at this time. I am happy to finally find a discussion board Again, on these topics and look forward to learning from you all.


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    Welcome brother! We're happy to have a like-minded and experienced brother to have on our forum! Feel free to share any info with members that you see fit, and please if you need any help, be sure to create a post and we'll try our best to assist.

    -Frank Lewis