My heart goes out to Ukraine and it's people, I hope everyone stays safe. Naps provided us all with the products we needed all throughout covid and did very very well with getting everyone there products. Here we are today with Russia attacking Ukraine which from what I believe is the headquarters for naps, and with all this going on Naps still puts the customers first. They will answer any questions that you have about any and all products just be patient with them and give them some time they got their hands full. My latest order arrived at my house within 3 weeks which is phenomenal and the gear is the best I stick with the brand intex it's Shipped from Europe and Naps has the best price on it and it's laboratory tested so you know what kind of quality gear your getting. If your out here shopping around for great gear and you don't want to waste your money then stop by and try them out for yourselves. Use code K1K2F-KT at checkout and save yourself 10 percent.