Even though the world is going through all this shit that's going on naps still makes sure to hold true to their word. Since my last post I've had a shipment sent to the wrong place, it was a big shipment too so whoever got that was really lucky that day. NAPS sent me everything that was in that shipment free of charge, quick fast and in a hurry no questions asked and no issues what so ever. I have placed 2 orders since my one that was shipped to the wrong address and both have been delivered successfully within 14 days or less. Even being a customer for over 10 years and everything that has changed and all that's wrong in the world we can still count on naps to come through no matter what they do not disappoint. I would never break free and go to another distributor. Naps is more reliable than your local gym hookup. The products are the best there service is the best everything about NAPS is A OK WITH ME!!!! For all the people that doubt this site I get it I was there before over 10 years ago but just give NAPS a chance to will not regret it. I have said it before TRUST IN NAPS NAPS IS #1 HANDS DOWN THE BEST SITE FOR GREAT GEAR