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    What's up evryone!

    Rocky here. Just A quick intro.. I'm 38, 6', 230 @13-14%bf currently. I've only been working out for a year now. I met a guy that does local amature shows and started training last year and have been hooked since! I started at 180# btw.
    A few stats after 1 yr:
    Bench 335 for reps (injured L elbow, had to back off 6 months)
    Dumbell press 135s for reps
    Shoulder press: 235 reps
    Leg press: 1200 x5
    Machine squat: 1400x3
    Currently playing with my diet since I've leveled off on gaining weight.
    Also, I've never done a show but would like to give it a try this next year.

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    One more stat I'm kinda proud of after a yr, 135# preacher curls x8, 85# dumbell hammer curls. Biceps seem to grow/gain easy for me. Chest is my stubborn muscle group.


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