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    My routine any advice...

    I started using pyramids for my training routine and only worked out three days a week as following.

    Decline bench,Incline bench,Butterflys
    Shoulder press, lateral raises
    Pulldowns, Skullcrushers,Tri extensions

    Shrugs, Bent over rows,Pulldowns, Reverse flys
    Incline curl,Preacher curls,Straight bar curl,Reverse curls

    Leg extensions,Squats,Leg curls,Calve rises
    (Each using pyramids with 5 sets gradually increased weight starting at my first set being 8-6,6-4,4-2,2-1 with a burnout set of the original first set or lighter to get 10 reps) sometimes adding a super set to the body part to failure

    Just recently to use a diffrent routine ive been using the following (just confused on if i need more or less excersises)

    Mon. Chest
    Decline bench, Dumbell bench,Incline bench,Butterfly,Cable crossovers

    Wed. Back,Tricep
    Barbell bent over rows,Shrugs,One arm rows,Reverse flys,Deadlifts
    Pulldowns,Kick backs, Skullcrushers,Close grip bench,Dips

    Fri. Shoulders,Legs
    Arnold press,Upright barbell rows,Laterall dumbell side raises
    Leg curls,Squats,Calve raises,Leg extensions

    (Each excersise with 3 sets 10-9-8)

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    Cough.............. Any advice on this routine maybe to make it more effective. Or any routines i could use after this one.

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    There are a lot of good routines in old threads. Look over some and find what you want. You definitely need to add more to your back at least. IMO...Good luck.
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    I think your legs should be one full day (as you have in the first) and not incorporate any other body part with it. Your working upper body for two days and legs for one day, the legs have a few of the biggest muscles of the body. You should be hitting these hard, but also depends on how well your legs respond. IMO


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