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    Naps is good and everytime ive ordered ive received what i ordered. one time my order got held up by customs or something and when i complained about it they sent me something extra and the other product eventually came to me.

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    Nice job. This information really helpful for me and other members of this forum. i am taken induject 250 at least every 10 days. it is injectable testosterone. It gives me nice shape of my body and i am very happy with this.

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    Hey Skibuck, I use NAPS excellent source legit and I only use WU for payment. My last order was: order on 8/1, received tracking 8/4 and delivered to US on 8/ Great guys easy communication if needed and gear is spot on.


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    Glad you guys found if helpful.Thanks for the replies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skibuck View Post
    Napsgear came highly recommended, but they require a min. $500. deposit into your "wallet" or account out of which your orders are paid for. Since I only wanted $200. in produce, $500. seemed unreasonable. I got screwed by and it really turned me off and made me extremely leery of any online seller wanting a Western Union transfer to some person's name and not taking a legitimate form of payment.

    Napsgear is the same type of outfit, requiring Western Union wire transfer. I'd appreciate any positive feedback about napsgear.
    Napsgear is very legit and top notch gear. ships fast and safe. if customs sieze ur gear just tell naps they will send another order on them.

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    Bump for those in need.

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    Thank you for all of the information....

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    Glad you found it helpful XJCasper.Thanks for reading it and for the reply.

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    Indeed helpful post !
    You know Bulkraws !

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    Good information,mark!


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