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    From what i've read through out this whole thread is that you just need to up your test vitK. I know your pain when you say i don't want anything happening to my hair becuause since I started juice I could tell my hairline went back quite a bit lmao fck@!!! But for sure not to much is going to happen when you up your test dose to 400mgs and bro you will be happy, no cialis or viagra we are too young to be relying on that alredy lol. Just give it a try for like 2 weeks and see what happens, you could even just go up to 300mgs for a week or two then up it to 400mgs if all is goodie. let me know what you decide to do and like everyone else said if your not going to up your test get rid of the adex it's doing you more harm than good I see.
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    vitk- are you cruising? or is the 200mg your cycle? how long have you been on?

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    Come on join the rest of us and give in to the RECEDER! Ha, ha, jk!

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    Diet is a factor... even in the case of getting woodys.

    i'm 23 and starting my second cycle soon....i actually am having second thoughts, just because of hairloss... can you believe that, not my liver, it's my hair i'm worried about.

    also what does BUMP mean? can anybody answer that?

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    Sorry to inform you this bro, but you might be gay? Okay, I kid, I kid.

    On your blood test, did you get your free testosterone results? As someone suggested, proviron should help with shgb, if free test could be the issue.

    Another thing could be prolactin. Try caber or Prami. I luv me some prami.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deckard View Post
    also what does BUMP mean? can anybody answer that?
    Depends on the context.

    If it is in a forum, then someone is 'bumpin' a thread to the top, to bring attention to it.

    On the street, someone is looking to do a line of Charlie Sheen.

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    Up your test.At 200mg ew you're actually stopping your bodies production but not taking in enough to make it up.250-500mg ew is a great beginner cycle which will produce enough test to keep you rocking.

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    Hi there. I would advise you to buy something for potency, find a girl on dating sites and test it. There are special applications for finding girls for hookup I had to use the services of such applications several times. Everything is legal, and there are real girls. Good luck to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dooas View Post
    Is low sex drive a symptom of anxiety?
    Yes low sex drive can be caused by anxiety, low self-image, depression, stress, lack of sleep, certain medications and so on.

    Read more about it here:
    JM BLOG: Common Causes of Low Libido


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