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    NapsGear, Post Cycle Video Logs and Get Reimburse

    We are excited to announce that we will be taking video blog submissions on our site from our customers!

    Basically, all you have to do is take a video of you showing off your physique, explaining the progress that you have made and the steps you have taken to get there. Diet, workout regime, cycle use, and upload it to our site. In return, we will reimburse you for the products that you used to accomplish these goals.

    Depending on how informative your video log is we will reimburse you up to $800 in the form of products. The minimum reimbursement for a good quality vlog will start at $500. In some cases when the vlog is exceptionally good we will go over $800.

    For creating your video logs and for more information please click below

    NapsGear Cycle Video Logs

    Also we?ll be updating this thread with Naps customer vlogs from the website.

    We thank you for choosing us and hope that you?ll take the time to participate in this great offer.

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    @everyone this is an amazing gig and you should take advantage of it!

    Proud to see at least 1 or our members, @shirlsguy have uploaded to their site!


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