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    Naps get shreded 2021. USER: Joe Sefton

    Yo, hope you're all well

    Just thought I'd check in here to leave a little bit more information about myself and to say well done to you all so far.
    It's great to see people so focused and hooked onto something that is good for them. I am a EX drug abuser and Body Building has been my saving grace.. everything I do I seem to do extreme if it wasn't the gym it was hard drugs.

    I work as a grave digger and do some grass cutting. The past 4 years I have done lorry driving but mentally it was draining me with the long days and unknown finish times..I quit my job for this contest and I only work part time until it is over.

    Since stopping drugs the gym has been my life and I cannot ask for a better remedy.

    I am 23 Years old..this is my first cycle...I am 6 weeks in and the change I have seen already is insane.. I aspire to be a world known body builder one day. I have seen the darkest corners of my mind..I will get to the top. The mind is the greatest tool
    I have already been to hell and back and will use my troubled past to help build a new path.

    It's great to see everyone involved and feel a part of something. I am very introverted and routine based. I am super strict with my diet and programme but I'm a good way. I am super excited each and everyday and this fompe couldn't have come at a better time. I had a choice. Become something or let life best me down. Everyday I choose to become a better me.

    Love all the support guys. Thankyou all for being such a supportive down to earth community..I am in physdellic groups and them guys argue more then us lot..

    Be proud, we are one.


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    PS...I'd love to hear all your thoughts on the contest and general thoughts😁
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    You are so hardworking, brother! Keep it up.

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    I can definitely respect what you are saying. You are doing great. I tend to do things to an extreme myself. I have super hard work ethic but struggle with the diet. I spend 30-40 hours a week in the gym and work 50-60 hours a week. My family is getting tired of me spending every second of free time I have in the gym and sacrificing my sleep or time with them for the gym. I do take my younger son with me close to 20 hours out of the week so we still spend some time together. My son pushes me and is getting bigger than me and he is all natural. I envy how quickly he is growing but am extremely happy and proud at the same time. I wish you all the best. Also looking at your pictures you inspire me to do more and be better in the gym. Nice Post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richardbrown View Post
    You are so hardworking, brother! Keep it up.

    Thankyou man! I am very meticulous and focused to some it is OTT but it seems to work well for me and keeps me out of trouble. Thanks for the support😁

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    I have found diet to be key in this game. Have you ever considered reducing the hours in the gym and really honing in the diet and sleep? Aim to stick In a slight surplus or deficite for 8 Weeks solid and watch your scale weight and body change everyday?

    Nice to see you have your son involved, can he out bench you yet? P.S 30 hours in the gym is ALOTT but I guess the golden era guys did simmalar !!

    Sleep is key and so Is diet. They have said for a long time you cannot train a bad diet and as I get older it makes more sense.

    However your hard work is amazing ! I cannot knock you for dedication and laser focus! I have managed to see good results training only 3 full body days a week with diet and sleep in check. I might be wrong but I imagine if you got your diet and sleep better you would be surprised how far you'll go.

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    Welcome aboard brother,

    Congrats on beating addiction. We're all rooting for you and can't wait to see your results

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Sefton View Post
    Yo, hope you're all well

    It's great to see people so focused and hooked onto something that is good for them. I am a EX drug abuser and Body Building has been my saving grace.. everything I do I seem to do extreme if it wasn't the gym it was hard drugs.

    bro, i know your story all too well. i am coming from the same spot about but i have about 20yrs on

    if i am not focused and routined, i am into something that is "no good" as mama would say...glad to hear your story & i hope you keep your end taken care of...

    keep at it...we dont have but 4wks left

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    Thanks again Peter I bet you would give me 250 comeaux : . I see how the lack of a mintage makes it a bit more difficult to put a value to it, I noticed someone paid 1100 for one and they considered that "undervalued" so Im curious to see what I can get

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    You give me motivation Joe, Keep it up!


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