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    VOTE DAILY!! -- Update

    This was posted in the chat box, but I wanted to make a post here in case anyone misses the chat.

    Guys we have spoken in depth to the team and have gotten a response from them - this is how the voting works- any voter can vote for a contestant 6 times daily. Not weekly. Daily. For the latest week's entry. That's why so many votes. It's mentioned in the rules and regulations.

    Having said that, the system did have a glitch where voters were able to vote for the previous week entries as well. Those votes are going to be removed.

    So please vote for yourself daily and ask your friends and family to vote daily as well.

    Please also note the new message that pops up on the PGS Naps page which clarifies the voting system.

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    Si VALSHA. we are waiting for the the big update i hope u wont disappoint us bcoz were really expecting that to happen. youve said u update this game 12/14/2015. and now is already day 15. :scout_en:

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