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Thread: Fake Clen?

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    Fake Clen?

    I got some clen in 40mcg tablets, Dragon Pharma. started with day 1 at 40mcg. no heat felt, no change in body temp, no sweating, no effect felt at all. Day 2 I took 2, day 3 I took 3, day 4 I took 4 and so on.. I continued taking 4-5 per day for two weeks and still no change felt physically what-so-ever. Could these be fake clen? I should have felt some kind of change, sweats, something.. I'm aware that somewhere around 120mcg per day is a good limit, but considering I possibly got some fake gear from Dragon Pharma I up'ed it to taking 240mcg a day for over a week just to see and still nothing. It was my risk to take so please keep the topic to anyone who may have had a similar experience or who has received fake gear from them. Any comments related to risks of clen, preaching dosages too high or low, etc will be ignored.
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    Hey brother,

    I've always had a positive experience with Dragon, did you obtain it from one of the JuicedMuscle Sponsors using their link? There are some sketchy sites out there selling bunk stuff, but our Sponsors are always legit and have proven themselves time and time again.

    What's your BF% looking like? If you're sitting above 15% it wont be very effective.


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