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Thread: Its Game Time!

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    Its Game Time!

    Hello everyone! glad to be here! the competition looks fierce! A little background on me my name is Julian and i've been working out for about 11 years now, I've done 4 NPC competitions in the classic physique class!
    So thats how I plan to win this thing! Yes, I'm sorry but I'm here to win! no one is safe lol.

    But I know it wont be easy, I look forward to seeing how everyone here progresses.

    Have fun, get SHREDDED, and my the best men and women win!!

    ps. never posted in a thread before so i hope i did this right lol

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    Welcome to the forum Julian! All the best and rightly said - always aim for the win ! Cheers !

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    Welcome ! look forward to hearing more about your journey!
    All the best for the contest.

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    Welcome to JM!

    Best of luck in PGS!

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