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Thread: Illuminari 2021

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    Illuminari 2021

    Well hello.
    I am officially registered for the Naps Gear 2021 get shredded contest. First to post huh, figures, because I'm going to win !!! Yup, I'm going straight for the 30K. I have been in and out of the gym since I was 18. Got fat, got thin, got no gains, got great gains and spent around 25 years just figuring out the truth and the lies. We know there is not that much compensation in the bodybuilding world, so the pros who have it don't always (never) give advice that would allow you to reach their ranks and get your hands on some of that cash.

    But with time comes wisdom and the gains just keep coming. I take a year off here and there and just came back and as always when we take time off we feel bigger and better every time we come back.
    Its a hobby for me. I work a regular full time job. The contest for me is right there in the gym. To not lift heavier than the guy next to me when I know the weights that work for me, not to drop the weights for attention, not to hiss and growl and puff when my focus should be on my mind to muscle connection, not how my lifting sounds attract attention, but to have the attention of the entire gym every time I walk in because of the actual gains that can be seen. What counts is what you see in the mirror.

    I lift with attention to technique and sometimes lose focus and have to stop a set because I'm laughing too much when I see guys and girls trying to fly, or arch their backs - it's spinal - or turn the machines into something completely other than what they were built for.

    Look. I enjoy the daily challenge, I wish I could give every person in the gym my experience and knowledge because I have no gain from not giving you the truth and best practices to get where you want to be.
    Throughout this contest I will give the truth about my workouts, I rarely workout for longer than an hour. The truth about my meals, I love cheeseburgers and hate protein shakes. The truth about drinking too much, yeah I drink and I'll list what I do drink, working that out of my diet as I progress through this contest, not just to help me win and get a better look, but for my overall health moving forward.

    I'm just a lifelong gym rat. I competed twice. The first time I did not place - then went back to the same contest after being so ashamed of my performance and took the entire contest.

    When you plan for goals and follow through and actually see those goals accomplished you have the right to say "It's easy."

    So I'm taking the 30K, sharing my journey with you on this one, truthfully, and it's going to be easy.

    Illuminari 2021

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    Welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself, you seem real down to earth brother, and our JuicedMuscle members look forward to hearing about your progress, meals, workouts, anything you want to share! Good luck to you brother!

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    Welcome brother and all the best for the competition !

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    Welcome to PROJECT GET SHREDDED Man! All the best!

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