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    You also must remember that the more you use, the more you will need to use. This is why we say a good first cycle (500mg's Test weekly) will produce the same amount of gain as using more gear. Your body will get use to a certain amount of gear and as you continue to use, you will need to use more and more. If you start with a 1kmg's per week for a first cycle, there's no going back and use less, you will need to add more to get more. Now more gear means more money.... why not start with a good first cycle for less money and add as you go???

    thebigaddy, I'm not your father, all I ask is that you be mind full of what your doing and be careful. There's a lot of people who like to give advice but don't know what there talking about. Your job is to weed them out and do what you think is best for you.
    thank you MrBig. i really appreciated your advice

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    Good luck brother
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    Big I disagree with your statement that the more you use the more you have to use to get the same results. If you are someone who takes 3 grams a week and never comes off, eventually you will probably have to up your dose if you want to keep making gains, but that is only because you will be so much above your natural potential that gains will be that much harder to make.

    If you are someone like me that does a few cycles every few years, I still get the same results off the gram a week total that I use now than I did 5 or 10 years ago. In fact I have been getting some good benefits from taking 20mg of dbol a day, when year ago I would take 60mg a day. I also have taken a gram of test and 500mg of deca a week and I'm taking half that much test now and getting similar results, even though back then I could sleep all day and lift for 6 hours and eat 6k cals and do nothing else. Now I spend hours a day cleaning, cooking, and chasing my kid around.

    If you take a little time off you will not need to take more AAS, you can get just as good of results with the same cycles you did 10 years ago. It's just those who are constantly on who have to take mega doses, and that is because they are already way beyond their natural potential.


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