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    Did u get my email address sir

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    Quote Originally Posted by rspivey074 View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBig View Post
    You also must remember that the more you use, the more you will need to use. This is why we say a good first cycle (500mg's Test weekly) will produce the same amount of gain as using more gear. Your body will get use to a certain amount of gear and as you continue to use, you will need to use more and more. If you start with a 1kmg's per week for a first cycle, there's no going back and use less, you will need to add more to get more. Now more gear means more money.... why not start with a good first cycle for less money and add as you go???

    thebigaddy, I'm not your father, all I ask is that you be mind full of what your doing and be careful. There's a lot of people who like to give advice but don't know what there talking about. Your job is to weed them out and do what you think is best for you.
    Is this the same with trt test... that the doc subscribes..? Getting the same results.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBig View Post
    If that stack has Tren in it, I would suggest you do something different. This is really tough for a first time cycle. IMO, I wouldn't tell anyone to use Tren unless they had 8-10 cycle under there belt. Tren is 5 times stronger then Testosterone. There's a whole lot of issues and side effect that come with the use of Tren. Do some research here on Tren before you make the decision to use it. I know a few guys here, including myself that have a hard time with it. We all have a few cycles under our belt, so be mindful of what you decide to do.
    exactly....very harsh with lots of sides....


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