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    Getting back into it! And I need help please.

    Hello everyone and thanks for being here. I am thirty six and found myself overweight, I mean fat! I have always loved lifting and training. I decided that I could no longer ignor my health and just live in the moment. So I've been back at it, training hard for 3 months now. Got my diet clean as can be, eating 5-7 times a day, and starting to platuo a bit on my gains. I've done 2-3 smaller cycles over ten years ago. I'm looking to go on the classic test/Deca/ dbol (front load) cycle. Any advice or any worries about being close to 30% body fat and trying this cycle? I've alway dropped fat very well as I put on muscle. Of course I've gotten water bloated and round faced and everything else that come with it, but I always got leaner. Just curious about any side effects as I've never been this big before. I'm 5'9" and 315.

    Thanks in advance, look forward to learning with you!

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    Test 500mg week
    And diet hard
    That's all you Deca Dbol.
    What's the point of being a big fat mess..
    Lean out you will look much better and motivation will follow

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    welcome to JM, bro

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    Thanks man, happy I found this place!
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