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    Hi all! Nice to meet you.

    Hello, my name is Josh. Im 32 yrs old and been working out for 6 months now. Im not a newb i use to go for 3yrs back in my early 20's so i know about form,diet,sleep etc. I started working out again cause ive been gaining alot of weight. I was up to 230pds and im 6 foot 2 inches. Im now 205 anyways im new to everything most of these forums are about but i am trying naps out and hoping for the best. Any questions plz feel free to ask and nice to meet everyone.

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    Welcome to the JM family brother.Nice to meet you as well.

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    welcome to JM, bro

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    Welcome, your story sounds a lot like mine. You planning to keep getting smaller or you wanna bulk up?

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    Bulking now so i can pack on more muscle before i start cutting for summer time. Im about 24% bodyfat atm.

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    Ty all for the warm welcomes.

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    Welcome to JM Scoopavilliain. Glad to have you.


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