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    Quote Originally Posted by newbster01 View Post
    Hey Pestosterone, thanks a lot for all the info. I haven't thought about a 16 week cycle at 250mg but it's an interesting thought. For my first cycle, I'd like to make it as easy on myself as possible so I think sticking to 8 weeks will be more manageable given this is all new to me. Plus I'm going out of town 8 weeks after starting my first cycle, so can't really travel with the stuff :/

    I do like the thought of a smaller weekly dosage to manage sides better however. Would you suggest doing anything less than 500mg on a 8 week cycle, say 400mg? Heck, is 250mg/week for 8 weeks enough for a first-timer like myself to see results? I heard some ppl say it's not worth it but I'm thinking maybe that's relative and it depends on individual goals. My goals are to take my physique to the next level and gain some solid muscle mass, but it isn't necessarily to "blow up" either. I currently have 11.7% body fat. Given my body type, just about all by BF is in my stomach so abs don't show. For my first cycle, I'd be happy gaining a solid 10-15 pounds and reducing my body fat to around 9%.

    Can I achieve this in 8 weeks with anything less than 500mg/week? ***I know diet and lifting have to be on point. That part I have down pat.

    Last question: I know Test-E has a 11.5 day half-life. After my last pin, will sex drive take a hit after those 11.5 days or during?

    DId you ever consider sus at 250 a week? My first ever cycle was at 31 on sus at 250 a week for 8weeks and I loved it! I gained so much strength an size it was incredible. I got no sides an pct was easy and I was dating a super hot 19yr old so she loved my sex drive from it lol. I always say if it's your first you should use the less is more and just use a test for 8-10 wks I like sus because it's got all the esters. All you need is 1 vial a pack of clomid,nolv naps total $97 then you plan out your 2nd and just double it.

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    My first cycle was with testover and tbol, guess it's fine for a newbie.

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    So I only have the Core Set and the first two adventure packs for the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle. I plan on finishing that cycle out, but am not sure if I want to go for the Dwarrowdelf next or jump to the Angmar Awakened cycle. Is there anything wrong with going to Angmar Awakened?

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    First off, if you can help NOT PCT with Clomid. Clomid causes suicidal thoughts in androgen users, but it has its place. Whatever you do, don't throw in 3 compounds on your first cycle. Do Just test for at least 12 weeks. Between 1 and 1.2 ml per week (250-300) of Cypionate split into 2 doses a week. Monday and Thursday. Maybe test and Mast. Mast is like stronger primo that is non-toxic. Test, Deca, and Dbol is 3 aromatizing compounds and for your first cycle, is like a walking dick side-effect because of the giant change in androgens downregulating your SHBG. And those three all together could very likely give you gyno. If you PCT, I would say HCG & Nolva or HCG Nolva, and Enclomiphene.

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