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    The rules at juiced muscle (everyone please read)

    1) There will be no soliciting other websites, sources, spamming, or anything else of that nature here at JM. We currently have only 1 sponsor, please use that sub-forum( for all your questions and concerns.

    2) The PM system will not be used for illegal activity. (This includes Sourcing!) If you are caught doing so, your banned. I would advise everyone to please contact myself, another Mod, or Admin, if someone has contacted you, and will take care of it ASAP. 99.9% of the time its a scam anyways. There is only one sponsor here, and everyone knows who it is. Use his sub-forum for any questions or concerns.

    3) JM is an open forum, and I would advise everyone to be courteous to one another. No flamming, fighting, arguing, racism, etc. We are all adults here, and its ok to voice your opinion, and disagree, but please respect one another.

    4) THE SHOUTBOX! There seems to be alot of nonsense going on in here, and its going to stop now. The shoutbox is not there for you to post 'wheres my order?', 'Is so and so, GTG', 'Does so and so, take western union?', etc., etc., etc. (Again, use the sponsor sub-forum) THE SHOUTBOX is also not there for anyone to solicit other websites, source talk, recreational drugs, spam, etc. THE SHOUTBOX is intended for small talk, and shooting the breeze with one another. Most of you know how to use it correctly, and lets keep it clean in there.

    5) There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for soliciting, spam, etc. anywhere on this board, including your signature and PM system. This is your only warning. If I see it, or hear about it, your BANNED! If you happen to see it, and I dont catch it, please contact myself, another Mod, or Admin, and will take care of it.

    6) There will be no creating other alters/screen names, alias, etc. You are allowed one member name only. If I check IPs, and you have more than 1, your gone. People that have more than 1 screen name, are usually upto no good anyways.

    7) There is no promoting, endorsing, encouraging, or referencing any type of religion here at JM. 99.9% of the time, this leads to fights, feelings get hurt etc. What you do in your own home is your own business, so keep it there.

    8) Please respect the laws of your country, and abide by them.

    I will add more Rules as I see fit, and if any of the other Mods & Admin feel like something else should be added. Please feel free to chime in, and Ill add your concern to the Rules!


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    Great this is a good start.... Thanks IM.

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    Agreed. Everyone needs to respect the rules.

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    Do we want to add anything for T/A and to specific of details being added? Also possibly creating alters will get you banned?

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    Gonna be some banning going on soon I hope. The ones who seem to be the worst are the people who rarely if ever even post anything. They seem to stumble on the site ask stupid questions and move on

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    This makes me very happy! Get some bannage on the go! And possible deletion of some previous posts on sources / delivery.

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    sounds like a plan to me. thanks for putting the time in to make this come together IM
    if you are new to the board, please take a minute to read the rules...CLICK HERE

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    If we could have some sort of punishment for every "it's been x days and I haven't received my gear yet" , that would be great

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    Excellent post ! I was getting worried nothing was going to be done with all the repeated open talk etc . . . Hopefully this will start to weed out undesirables who are exploiting this site and who have zero respect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GXR64 View Post
    Do we want to add anything for T/A and to specific of details being added? Also possibly creating alters will get you banned?
    Yes, that would be a big help....


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