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Steroids and Diet Pills???

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  • Steroids and Diet Pills???

    Hey, can someone please tell me if I can combine M Power (diet/caffeine) Pills with Oral Winstrol?
    M Power pills are like Hydroxy Cut.
    Thank you.

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    In moderation and drink plenty of water. I just drink coffee before I work out.


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      has anyone tried "real" Phentermine diet pills with Steroids? Just juicing alone can increase blood flow thus higher heart beats per minutes (tren cycles etc), but adding Phentermine -would bet causing more of an increase in heart beats per minute... I am bout to do a tren cycle and thought bout getting some of those diet pills to cut instead of using Clen... Any suggestions?


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        I run phen 40mg a day and 50 mg of dbol a day for 6 weeks. I worked amazing but keep an eye on your blood pressure. Also I know this is an old thread but hey I only ran this about 8 months ago.

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        Sorry I read your joined date and thought this post was from 2011 lol
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          Hello Everyone,

          Is these medicines are for weight loss "Xenical, Obelit, Alli"? Which medicines can I take for weight loss.


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            The wife told me to go to ask the doctor for some of those tablets that "help" get an erection.

            You should have seen her face when I came back and tossed her some diet pills

            I am still looking for a place to live.

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              가장 흥미로운 확률 게임 중 하나에 대한 이 기본 지침은 게임 방법을 알려줍니다 바카라 그리고 프로처럼 승리하세요.


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