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Balkan Pharmaceuticals clenbuterol labmax Test Results

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  • Balkan Pharmaceuticals clenbuterol labmax Test Results

    This is another clen sample, it is really getting frustrating, all fakes.
    I had good Balkan before but it came from Balkan, this is fake.

    The fakes looks like real one and you do not know until you labmax it

    When I check the code it says "Unfortunately an error occurred while trying to validate the code"
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  • #2
    To bad to hear bro, lot's of fakes these days.
    Luckily I have a reliable source with absolute real-deal!!

    Good luck next time
    Hardcore (labs) 2 the bone


    • #3 least you where capable of testing, others buy lots of fake gear and notice during cycling they got scammed.


      • #4
        labmax test kit is a real game changer, it saved me a lot, I can just test samples before buying more.

        old times it was spending a lot of money on unknown gear and then waiting to see what happens


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          I have used their D-bol before and it was fake. Wouldn't ever recommend Balkan to anyone.


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            Because you got the counterfeit it was not real Balkan. I had good gear but it came from Balkan, it is state licenced company in Moldavia.

            This time I got fake from some motherfucker counterfeiting it in garage.

            Everything I run those days with labmax kit, it saves me a lot of money and hassle