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    It is possible to buy all sorts of crap from China. You can also buy top quality gear. When we orderd some blue-tops the question was: Do you want 4-6-8 or 10 iu Its quite Obvious that mny guys oreder lower dosed cheaper blue-top vial to make a bigger profit and then blame the gear when their customers complain. Thats one of the reasons blue-tops became such a bad rep. The other is of course that some guys just sell cheap crap. Since most of us are unable to test anyway.

    SDS-Page is a rough method for identification and anlyse on purity.

    M: stands for protein marker a

    line 1: supposed to be IGFLongR3 but its fake, the products have so many bands, so impure.

    line 2: Follistatin, it should be follistatin. estimate the purity to 90-95%

    line 3: supposed to be IGF-DES, looks like its HGH instead. band not as fat as HGH so probably a bit impure.

    line 4: supposed to be Myo-HMP, however its a total fake product. doesnt contain any protein.

    line 5: bluetops, very fat bands. its a very good quality product