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    hello ronny
    I have a friend who is a biochemist and pharmacist and has worked for several large drug companies . He said that even two drugs having the same amount but still it will have difference in the final effect, because the quality (potencyof raw material)
    For example, he said that 10mg gh Saizen (Merck) is much better than 10mg gh hygetropin.
    what is your opinion?

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    Your friend is right on one occasion. Dr Lin helped me analysing strength and potency. Later our German lab used this knowledge to analyse purity and potency of diverse brands. Hyge is stronger then Saizen. Why ? ... Saizen is human grade. Hyge (this particular item was a zhongshan) put 13-14 iu in his 10 iu labeled product. Many European and American scientist still believe that their products are superior compared to Chinese products. ..wrong again..
    Analyses are the best tools (and the only one) to prove the quality of a certain product.
    The analyses can be found here and on the blog.

    What your friend told you on behalf of peptides is also true on other ergogenic means like by example injectable steroids
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