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biogen junk still have some dont want to waste my syringes injecting the fake stuff

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  • biogen junk still have some dont want to waste my syringes injecting the fake stuff

    just wanted to say i made the mistake of falling for biogen low prices i got 2vials of the test enanthate, 2vials of trenbolone acetate (which is a very weird color looks pink ) 1vial of nandralone decanoate, 100 0f the biogen anadrol 50 tablets and ten vials of their testosterone propionate. i believe all the stuff is fake within three weeks i took both vials of enanthate both vials of tren and two vials of prop and the nandralone an d was taking 150-200mgs of anadrol a day lifting heavy consuming a out 400 calories a day and 250-300mgs protein daily didnt gain any weight or muscle size nor any strength increase couldnt even feel anything or see or notice anything from the gear heck i even took ten anadrol 50 tablets at one time for a week thinking surely if this is real taking 500mgs of oxymethelone i will surly feel something even if its side effects, wrong no results no sides no strength no water bloat nothing.i still have 8vials of propionate but i dont want to waste my syringes injecting it because there cant be any prop in it i inject prop in my arms and when i do my biceps and triceps swell up for a few days and my body aches for a couple days but it works, i was injecting 600mgs of this biogen prop in my arms daily and didnt feel anything no body aches no reaction at the injection site. if there is any steroid in any of the products it has to be very very little amount so little you could inject the whole 10ml vial at one time and not get any result if you could inject 10ml in a site which i know you cant just saying that i dont think there is anything at all in the gear hopefully they will wise up and realize they make more money selling legit real gear and having repeat customers that refer more customers than making a few dollars selling junk, im sure they wont they will keep selling junk till no one will buy anything from them then they will go away,its too bad there is people like that knowing how hard it is to find a legit place to get legit real gear

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