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AAS that doesn't increase RBC

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  • AAS that doesn't increase RBC

    Been on AAS for over 20 years and now on TRT (prescribed) for the last 2. Over the past 4.5 years it seems that my body is no longer willing to cooperate with anything that lowers SHBG or increases the production of RBC.

    My TRT dose is 200 cyp per week which keeps me floating around 50 on my Hematocrit. More than 53-54 I get polycythemia symptoms and need to get a phlebotomy (1 unit brings it back). Yes I am aware that I can donate blood monthly but it's not always an option as my normal hematocrit is already on the borderline of them being able to accept my donations.

    Proviron and Anavar are a no go. Any ideas for a cut and or lean gain cycle?