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~-Dbol/Proviron/Deca/Test E-16 Week Cycle Log-~

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  • ~-Dbol/Proviron/Deca/Test E-16 Week Cycle Log-~

    I haven't been on here since 2011. I've taken Test E, EQ, Dbol, Superdrol, and Anadrol in the past; however, it's been a decade since I've used any gear. I'm 36 years old now. I'm due for another. I'm 5'6 172 lbs w/o any clothes on. I was down to 142 lbs in late 2019. I started back working out and managed to gain 30 pounds with just creatine alone. The last 12 weeks I've been stuck on most of my lifts. To give you an example: I went from 75lbs DBs to 85lbs on incline bench in 12 weeks. That's really unacceptable. Honestly, I've been planning this cycle for a few months now. I'm starting it next week, May 1st.

    Here is the layout:
    Weeks 1-5: Dbol@525mg/wk
    Weeks 1-16: Proviron@350mg/wk
    Weeks 1-15: Deca@600mg/wk
    Weeks 1-16: Test E@750mg/wk
    Weeks 2-15: Caber@0.5mg/wk
    Weeks 2-16: Adex@1mg/wk
    Weeks 19&20:Clomid@350mg/wk
    Weeks 19&20: Nolva@280mg/wk
    Weeks 21&22: Clomid@175/wk
    Weeks 21&22: Nolva@140mg/wk

    Everything is mostly Geneza brand, but Proviron and Caber. Proviron is from Pharmaqo and Caberlin is from Sun Pharma.

    I've been bulking naturally, but I'm starting a new diet on May 1st. I'll post it sometimes this week. This cycle is going to be a lean bulk cycle. I'm looking to add quality size. My goal is to be in the 190-200lb range in 16 weeks.

    I do not have any health issues. The only prescription I take is Finasteride@7mg/wk. Here are the supplements I'm starting next week. (I started TUDCA today, and I'm going to continue it through out the cycle.)

    LIV 52
    Fish Oil
    Pre-Workout Drink-No Creatine (Discontinue creatine for the duration of this cycle and continue it again starting PCT.

    Starting next Sunday, I'm going to be posting daily...stay tuned!
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    Welcome back brother! We are trying to rebuild, and it means a lot that you chose to come back to JM.

    That looks like a solid cycle, and I'm impressed with your success with creatine so far. Nice haul too!

    Can't wait for your upcoming posts, super stoked to see how your journey goes! Let us know if we can help you in any way!

    Rooting for your gainz!

    @everyone: I'd follow this thread closely!


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      Frank Lewis, appreciate the love man. I'm glad to be back. I hate it took over a decade, but I'm glad to see JM still up and going.

      I mentioned earlier that I'm going to post my new diet that I'm starting Sunday, May 1st. It's simple. I'm pretty adamant about this diet. I'm going to eat the same foods everyday and at the same time each day for the next 16 weeks. I'm hoping this post doesn't get move to the "Diet" forum because this is part of my cycle log.

      Meal #1:
      6 egg whites 24g. protein 102 calories
      Oatmeal: 10g protein 220 calories
      Banana 1g. protein 120 calories
      Fish Oil-10 calories
      Multi-Vitamin- 5 calories
      Pre-workout w/water-10 calories
      Cranberry Juice: 130 calories

      Meal #2:
      1 cup 0% milk-8g protein 90 calories
      Protein Shake- 25g protein 110 calories
      Protein Bar- 20g protein 240 calories

      Meal #3:
      Bang- 20g protein 140 calories
      Yogurt- 20g protein 140 calories
      Sardines-14g 140 calories

      Meal #4:
      (2) 4 oz. chicken breast- 70g protein 220 calories
      1 cup spinach- 5g protein 74 calories
      1 apple- 1g protein 95 calories
      Meal #5:
      (2) Tilapia-40g protein 180 calories
      Orange-1g protein 45 calories

      Meal #6:
      (2) 4 oz. chicken breast-70g protein 220 calories
      1 cup broccoli-3g protein 45 calories
      1 cup of cherry tomatoes-1g protein-25 calories
      Fish Oil-10 calories
      Cranberry Juice- 130 calories

      Bed Time:
      1 cup 0% milk 8g protein 90 calories
      Casein Protein Shake: 25g protein 120 calories

      Total Protein: 358g: Total Calories: 2,711


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        We won't move your thread! The diet seems on point! Very clean. Usually clean eating is tough, but at least its just 16 weeks. Something I say to myself when I start to stray from diet... "these measures are not permanent. I can handle 12 weeks of being strict". Most of the time even when not in a cut, I eat most of the same foods anyway, with some "fun" foods here and there. And usually those are something like protein pudding (fairlife shake + package of sugar free pudding", and there's a protein fluff I've been meaning to try that I found online.

        Can't wait for you bro!


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          Day 1

          Today, I officially started my 16 week Test, Dbol, Deca, and Proviron cycle! I awaken early this morning. I did "Meal #1." After that, I took TUDCA, LIV 52, Dbol, and Proviron. I have GP Dbol 50mg tablets. I'm taking 75mg Dbol/day; however, I didn't want to take a pill and a half at one time. I want my blood levels to be stable during the day. So, I went ahead and divided the pills. I took half and thirty minutes later, I was at the gym. I'm taking dbol three times/ day. Every time I take Dbol, I pop two LIV 52 pills. (I take Proviron 25mg dose every 12 hours...50mg/day)

          Today is leg day. I work out one muscle per day per week. So, yea, I hate working legs. It's a long, tough work out, and I just dread leg days, but not today. I felt great in the gym. I hit my target weight and reps for both Squats and Leg Press. Let me explain what I mean: I work out 4 sets of 10. If I do not hit 10 reps on my fourth set, I do it over again next week, but if I do hit 10 reps on the fourth set, I go up 5 lbs or 10 lbs(depends on the exercise) the following week. I also added two exercises. Now, I'm going to be adding one exercise for each workout. I'll clarify which exercise as we go along through the week. In this case, there are two: Leg Press & Leg Press Machine (Calves) Now, I haven't used these exercises in years, so the weight would be lower as opposed to if I've been doing these exercises for months now.

          The work out went great! Squats were easier this time than last time. I do not believe it was Dbol. I believe it was the pre-workout. I haven't used a pre-workout supplement in years, and I haven't had caffeine in weeks. My legs are going to be really sore for sure.

          I did my first injection today! I was nervous like I was when I first took gear. I used to lay down on my side and pinned my glute. I did that for the entire 16 weeks. There is a much easier and better way. Just imagine a horizontal line from the top of your butt crack and a vertical line in the middle of the horizontal line. This will divide the right glute into 4 squares. You want to inject in the top right quadrant. It's that simple. I used a 23g syringe with a 1 and a half inch needle. I prepared everything and pinned. I aspirated and no blood went into the syringe. I injected 1.5cc of Test E(375mg) and 1cc of Deca (300mg). That's 2.5cc in the same syringe. I did bleed a bit, more than I thought I would, but nothing to be concerned about. Overall, the injection went smoothly. Ten hours later, it feels like I had an injection, but it doesn't hurt. I can't wait to do the left glute on Wednesday. Oh, I'm not nervous anymore.

          Last thing I want to mention for the day is about my diet. I was unable to do all of Meal #4 and Meal #6. I didn't even attempt it. I just ate one chicken breast instead of two. These breast were big. As the cycle progress and my size progress, I may add it back.

          Well, I'm getting off here and drink a casein protein drink and go to sleep. I'm waking up in seven and a half hours from now (1:30 AM). Chest day tomorrow.

          *No side effects thus far
          *Great energy due to pre-workout supplement

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            Day 2

            My quads and glutes are very sore today, which is great. What isn't great; however, today's workout. I lost strength today in two exercises. This rarely happens. When this happens, I drop back in weight. So, next Monday, I'm starting with 75lbs DBs for Decline instead of 80. For the Fly Machine, I'm dropping from 130 to 110. The new exercise I added was Push Ups. Today was a disappointing workout for me. I'm getting off here. I'll update tomorrow. It's Shoulders tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be good.

            *No Side Effects
            *Lost Strength
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              Day 3

              I worked out Shoulders today. The new exercise I added was Shoulder Press Machine. Again, lost strength on two exercises. I'm not sure what's responsible for this. It could be that I'm not taking creatine anymore. It could be my diet. I'm eating less calories now. I felt sluggish most of the day. I'm about to drink a casein protein drink and call it a night. Biceps tomorrow morning and second injection.

              *Decreased Strength
              *Less Energy
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                I think the loss of strength might be because of the decrease in calories, as well as stopping creatine. Try to hit your meal goals and I think everything else will fall in place. You're doing great and have a solid plan!


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                  I agree with you, Frank Lewis, and I will. Thanks man.


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                    Day 4

                    I did my second injection this morning into my left glute: Test E@375mg and Deca@300. I didn't bleed really at all...maybe just a speck. It went really smooth. Afterwards, I went to gym.

                    I worked biceps today. I added three new exercises: BB Curls, Weighted Pull-Ups, and Reverse Curls. I enjoy BB curls; however, I've been unable to do the exercise because of my wrist. I always had to strap my wrists. Back in October, I aggravated my wrist to the point that BB curls (just bar) would be painful...even seated curls, but I managed. I had to substitute the exercise (BB Curl) all together. A couple of weeks ago, I tried to curl the BB, but again, painful. This morning, guys, I did the exercise! I was shocked! This can't be because of Deca. Could it be the first sign of Dbol? It's possible. I can't think of another reason. I feel better today than I did yesterday too, which is good. The workout was good too. I didn't get the "pump" today, but it was a better workout than the last couple of days. Triceps tomorrow...

                    *Side effects: None
                    *Was able to do BB Curls
                    *Didn't feel sluggish
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                      Day 5

                      I did Triceps this morning. The new exercise I added was Tricep Extensions. My gym didn't have this particular bar, so I ordered a tricep bar from Amazon. Well, my lifts went down... again. This time on three exercises. The workout wasn't bad though. Tomorrow morning is abdominals. Funny thing is that my abs are a bit sore (tad bit) right now because of those weighted pull-ups I did Wednesday. I had my knees bent and pulled up while I was going through the ROM. Maybe the word "sore" is a bit of an overstatement.

                      I actually forgot to drink my casein protein shake yesterday. I'm drinking it now, so I won't forget it this time.

                      *Side Effects: None
                      *At this very moment, I do not feel like I'm on gear at all.
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                        Day 6

                        Today, I worked Abdominals. The new exercise was Hollow Body Crunch. It was a good workout this morning. There was really nothing worth mentioning. I substituted broccoli for beets today. Matter of fact, I'm going to substitute vegetables throughout the week. Some days it will be mushrooms. Other days, it will be boiled okra. Everything else will stay the same. Tomorrow, I work out my Back. I'm off work tomorrow, but I do like having the gym to myself for the most part, so I'm getting up at 1:30 in the morning. Besides, I like how smoothly things are going, so I'm not going to switch the schedule up on the weekends. I'm just going to add in a nap somewhere in there.

                        *No side effects to report
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                          Day 7

                          I worked out Back today. I did a total of 8 exercises. The three new exercises I added were LAT Machine, Bent-Over Row, and Back Extension. Let me start with the negative: I lost strength in Vertical Row, Pull Down Machine, and Vertical Row Machine. Now onto the positive: This was an extra long workout today; however, my energy level was above the norm, which was really good. I felt good in the gym. Next Saturday, I'm going to add a 5 pound plate and do weighted Wide Grip Pull-Ups. I'm going to see if I can add 5lbs each week. Hey, in 9 weeks I may be doing WG pull ups with a 45 lb. plate dangling between my legs.

                          Okay, I didn't eat a chicken breast for lunch today. Instead, I ate 336g worth of boiled shrimp today. It came out to be 52g of Protein, 0g-Carbs, and 1.5g Fat. I had a cup of spinach and an apple with it as well.

                          I got my pills ready for the upcoming week. I opened the Dbol, and Geneza put two extra tablets in the pack. Which two tablets might not sound like much, but that's 100mg worth. I opened my packet of Anastrozole. It's 1mg. I cut it in half and taking it on injection days (1/2 pill on Sundays and 1/2 on Wednesdays). I'm thinking about changing this up later. Initially, I was going to do this throughout the duration of this cycle; however, I'm thinking about discontinuing the AI when I'm finished with Dbol. Three weeks later after that will be mid cycle. That's when I'm going to get blood work done. If estrogen levels are high, then I will continue the AI. You see, I already know how I respond to Test E. Not to mention the nice benefit of using Proviron. Like I said, I will know exactly what I need to do after I get my blood work back. Caber is a different story. I do not know how I respond to nandrolone. Based on the research I did, Deca at 600mg will surely raise my progesterone levels high enough to potentially cause side effects, so I will use caber at a small dose (.25mg) twice a week starting tomorrow. It's going to be administered only on injection days, as with Anastrozole.

                          Tomorrow starts my second week. I have a feeling Dbol will show up this week. Tomorrow is leg day and......INJECTION DAY!

                          * No Side Effects
                          *Increased Energy
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                            Thanks for the updates brother! Loving all of the details, so we can really see how your journey is going


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                              Thanks Frank! Some days there may not be too much to report.