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11th week Testosterone Cypionate Almost over Preparing PCT

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  • 11th week Testosterone Cypionate Almost over Preparing PCT


    My cycle was a testosterone cyp cycle only at 500mg a week. injecting tues and thursday and Well i have to admit this Cycle has been awesome. Not only have I got Mass and Definition but the overall feeling of acomplishment is great. After 3 years post op from Surgery that left me weak and very skinny im now back to my weight of 180 from 169 but now its nice thick veiny arms and a proud look of mass back on the Frame. The only thing is the Boys have Shrunk more than i was expecting.

    Thank to all the info here and those who have given me advice.

    Now for the PCT... I purchased my PCT Stack from Ever popular site mentioned here and it came in quickly.

    I need to know how to prepare the HCG. Its HUCOG 5000 HP. 5000iu per 1ml. To my surprise though its already reconstituted. Ive read on my sites that its premixed with 1ml and I still have to add 9cc of bac water to make a 10cc of HCG? Is this right? Do i have to still mix even if it came diluted.

    This is how i want to run the PCT

    Week 1 thru 4 40 mg nova
    week 1 thru 4 100 mg Clomid
    Week 1 thru 5 1 mg Anastrozole
    Week 1 hcg 1500iu Mon,wed,Fri
    week 2 hcg 1000iu Mon,wed,Fri
    week 3 hcg 500iu Mon,wed,Fri

    Im following the instructions on the site were i bought the pct products from

    My insulin syringe BD Glide and its BD U-40 and is has at the left side bottom 1ml/cc and to the right 40iu.

    i want to be able to dose 1500 on week one using my syringe. how much bac water do i have to add to get the desired iu's listed above and were would that be on my syringe.

    After looking all over and reading and research i have to say this has made me feel as Dumb as ever!!!! LOL

    As always so sorry for the long post but i dont want to inject the wrong dose.

    Please make it stupid proof for me!! HCG for Dummies type of reading!

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    We have five, as my wife can join as well. Now the question remains, where? The student commons is one option, does that work for everyone?