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How to eat for your body type

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  • How to eat for your body type

    If you are one of the many people out there that are trying to lose weight and gain muscle it is important that you eat a diet that matches your body type and what you want to accomplish. There are three types of body types. An ectomorph, which is a tall thin person. Sort of like a basketball player or a wide receiver in the NFL. Typically the ectomorph will have an easy time losing weight and a hard time putting on mass. The next body type is the mesomorph which is a body type that looks like a running back in the NFL. The mesomorph has an easy time putting on muscle and also at the same time has a fairly easy time losing body fat. ProvenPeptides for more info. Typically this is the ideal body type for a ?bodybuilders? physique. The last body type is the endomorph. This is your offensive linemen type body that has an easy time putting on fat and bulking up, but a very hard time getting ripped and losing body fat. If you are trying to get into a shape where you have muscle but at the same time have a six-pack you need to eat for your body type.

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    Keep in mind that if you are using an anabolic steroid or any other anabolic substance you are going to want to DOUBLE your protein intake. For example, if you are consuming 30 grams of protein in a protein shake you are going to want to consume 60 grams of protein. The body is in a very anabolic state and you want to make sure that you are giving your body the BCAA?s that are needed to build muscle. ProvenPeptides. Remember that BCAA?s are the building blocks of muscle. The body cannot make its own BCAA, thus it needs to get them from food. Dairy, meat, and eggs are your best choices, but when you cannot eat your protein, you can easily get it from protein powder.


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      You need to watch what you eat, and you need to expend more energy than what you are consuming. Yes, it really is that simple if you boil it down to brass tacks. ProvenPeptides. If you want, you can quit reading this list right now, because the other tips in this series are just going to speak to this one vital rule of thumb. The secret to losing weight really is simple: Eat in a healthy way, and burn more calories than you consume. Yes, that really is the secret to weight loss.


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        I was nervous and scared as you can imagine but also excited as you can possibly be. I remember how hard my heart was beating and in my mind I kept thinking, "finally Im doing this"

        Im sure I wasnt very good but I still remember that very first time.