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Top 3 Shoulder Exercises

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  • Top 3 Shoulder Exercises

    Top 3 Shoulder Exercises
    Posted by ohawkey

    Turn Your Shoulder Into Boulders!

    There’s nothing more impressive than a set of big, round shoulders. Having big shoulders helps widen and create the V-Taper (broad shoulders, wide back, and a narrow waist.) A lot of people think doing shoulder presses alone will be enough, or they neglect certain heads of the deltoid creating imbalances. Here are 3 exercises you should add to your next shoulder workout!

    The Anterior Deltoid: Overhead Press

    The Overhead Press is a great compound exercise to help increase your pushing strength. Although the anterior deltoid and triceps are the main muscle worked in the OHP, your traps, core, medial, and posterior deltoids will be used to help stabilize. This makes the OHP a good exercise to build overall mass and strength in the upper body.

    The Medial Deltoid: Kneeling Side Lateral

    The side lateral is an isolation exercise for the medial deltoid to really help widen your shoulders. Doing kneeling side laterals will prevent you from using momentum to cheat. Why not do them seated? Simple. The dumbbells won’t bounce off the bench if you’re using a wide bench or a really big dumbbell. Make sure you put a pad on the floor to protect your knees.

    The Posterior Deltoid: Unilateral Bent-Over Cable Rear Delt Raise

    If friends don’t let friends skip leg day, then friends don’t let friends skip rear delts. A lot of people who love bench pressing all day will end up with their shoulders rounding forward. Working the posterior deltoids will keep your posture, shoulders healthy. I prefer this exercise over the traditional rear delt raise done with dum

    Make sure you do every exercise with proper form to prevent injuries. If you feel any pain while doing these exercises you should always stop and go see a doctor. Try these exercises and let me know what you think!

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    I think that the press behind neck, on the smith machine while seated is the best overall shoulder developer. I has used it and got great results and many top bodybuilders use it. There is a great video of Kevin Levrone on You-tube doing the press behind neck and he had some of the best shoulders ever.


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      The problem with BTNP is the longterm damage they cause.Sure,they,as well as any exercise can work for the short term,but you always have to remember this game is about longevity.You always have to think about not only what works for you now or isnt doing you any harm but what will work for you as you get older and what won't cause unrepairable damage later on in life.

      Being almost 60 and training not only in bbing and powerlifting but MMA for most of my life,I can tell you ive had my fair share of injuries and can tell you firsthand that I have avoided needing surgery for most of them (MOST) and not making them any worse by changing not only exercises but complete training styles,reps,sets,wts,etc.

      As you stated,many top bbers have used them,but how many have also stopped using them later on due to injuries? A vast majority of them.This is exactly the reason why most of the top guys NEVER go max weight lifts anymore.You may see them max squatting(like Ronnie would do) or max bench for short periods of time or single times for specific events,etc but not for year round training.

      Safety and well being for a lifetime is what we all need to focus on.Staying healthy over a long life should be the goal.

      Thanks for the reply and the feedback brother.Keep it coming.


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        Love working my shoulders, favorite part to work. And lucky me I was blessed with broad shoulders in my genetic makeup. Always had broad shoulders long before I started working out. They seem to be my body part that responds and grows the best. I love doing the exercises mentioned here. I stand for my lateral raises normally. I'll have to kneel next time. I obviously work my rear delts for sure. Can't visualize your rear delt cable raise though, any additional feedback on that one? Doesn't the BTNP just put more stress on the shoulder joint as opposed to the FONP. I have always done FONP. My first trainers told me that one. Sounds like that's what your saying Mr FIST. What are some of your other favorite shoulder exercises, I could work those puppies all week long for fun, I just don't need to. But spicing shit up is great.......regards sir


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          Your back pains are caused by pinched back muscles. Pinched back muscles are going to pull one side higher than the other just because it's tight. Freeing up your back muscles will get them to go back to where they should be, so this isn't trying to strengthen them or anything, it's a release to the muscles.
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            I think you just follow below 3
            Slide lateral raise
            Upright barbell row
            Standing Military Press
            Home gym workout.


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              I either broke or dislocated, depending on what Dr. I see, my collar bone in early Sept. It still looks like the bone is about to poke out of the top of my shoulder and is always in some pain but I am tired of this crap. Any ideas on what I can do, pain free or not, to start rebuilding?


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                This sounds nasty. I feel for you bro. Did it not heal properly or something? I think you should contact someone who really understands the anatomy of that body part and see what they recommend. You don't want to make a bad situation worse.


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                  top 3 shoulder exercises......................................... .................................................. ....

                  Upright Cable Row.
                  Front Barbell Raise.
                  Cable Front Raise.


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                    O.K., Ill take it out. Ill insert something else instead, not sure what yet, though. I cant wait to see Woody Allens new "Match Point" but it hasnt opened yet.