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How to Watch Peacock on Vizio by AirPlay?

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  • How to Watch Peacock on Vizio by AirPlay?

    This is the other way where we will be using AirPlay to watch on Vizio. Follow the steps which are listed below to do this.
    • First, you will need to download the Peacock App.
    • Unlock the iPhone and open the App Store.
    • Search the Peacock App. Click on the most relevant result.
    • Once you have opened the app, install it on your device.
    • Ensure that the Vizio TV and your iPhone are connected to the same internet connection.
    • Open the Peacock App and Sign in with the Peacock Account.
    • Stream any video; then, in the top right corner, you will see the Airplay Icon.
    • Click on the Airplay Button.
    • Choose the Vizio TV and enter the Airplay code on the Smart TV to start streaming with the help of Airplay on your Vizio TV. That’s it.
    Ways To Fix Peacock TV Not Working on Vizio at

    Many users have reported that the Peacock TV is not working on Vizio even after installing it. It might occur due to various reasons. We are listing the fixes for it. Make sure to check them.
    Restart The App

    The first thing that you should try is restarting the app. There might be some issues with the installed app, due to which you might be facing the issues. However, it can be quickly resolved by restarting the app. You have to close the app and open it again on your TV. Check after doing this whether the issue is resolved.
    Restart The Vizio TV

    After restarting the app, if the issue is not fixed, try restarting your TV. It is because there are chances that there are some issues with the startup files of the Vizio TV, due to which the app is not working. It can be fixed with the help of a restart. Do this with your TV and check whether the issue is resolved. Also, when you are going to restart the TV, turn it off. Once the TV is powered off, please turn it on after one minute.
    Update The App

    You can try checking for newer updates on the Peacock TV. You may be using the old version of the Peacock TV, due to which you are facing the issue. Go to the play store of the Smart TV, and check if there is any update available for the Peacock TV. If any update is available, download it.
    Reset The Vizio TV

    If the issue is not resolved after updating the app, we suggest you reset the Vizio TV. You can change all the settings to default by resetting the Vizio TV, giving the Smart TV a fresh start. So, do this and check if it works for you or not.
    Check For Updates

    You may not have installed the latest software of the Vizio TV, due to which the error is occurring to you. We suggest you go and check for the latest updates of the device, if any and update it. By doing this, the issue is likely to get resolved.
    Check The Internet Connection

    If you are not connected with a high-stable internet connection, the Peacock TV will likely not work correctly. You can quickly check the internet connection speed with the speed of any internet speed tester. If you find any issues with the speed after running the test, then you have to fix it. Otherwise, you will not be able to stream Peacock TV. If the internet speed is stable, follow the next method.
    Reinstall Peacock TV

    The last thing that we can do is install the app again on the Vizio TV. To do this, you have to uninstall the app from your TV and install it again on your TV. After doing this, check whether the issue is resolved.

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