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  • New From UK - Here to Read Here to Learn

    So about a year ago I was super fat, now I am just fat.

    After a year of training (well Crossfit but I am sure that is unpopular round here) I have dropped 5 stone (70lbs) and lost 12 inches from my waist

    My legs are bigger my arms are bigger and I am all round fitter but now I feel it's time to learn the honeymoon period of training is coming to an end and whilst I feel I am probably still of a BF % that you guys would advise me against juicing I feel it's something I will do in the future and for now want to take part read and learn from you guys.

    I am 34 years old 6ft6, I am based in the UK not sure how many Brits are here?

    I enjoy deadlift and back squat but hate the strict press, I still don't know my one rep max on any of these lifts though.

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    Welcome to the JM family man.Great to have you.

    Make JM a daily stop brother.


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      When I was 16 I was into bodybuilding, but in the army I got to know crossfit. Now I think it's the best sport to keep myself fit and toned. No matter where you are in the UK or Australia, you always have to be strong and tough.