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02-25-2014, 02:36 AM
Hey guys. I am posting here for the first time and will update once a week. I will try and post more if I have the time, but I hope I can get some followers and some good advice (critique) as well. Ok so here it is.

I had my fourth Pin yesterday. Figured the first 2 weeks I wouldn't have much to report so starting a thread now!

I am 6'2 and 235 (241 now sure its all water) 20% BF

Cycle- Test Cyp 500mg per week *250 Sunday night and 250 Thursday AM*
Anastrozole .5mg EOD.

PCT- Nolva 40/40/20/20
Also have HCG and will start at first sign of testicular atrophy.

Diet (I am sure I will get slammed for this, due to its not enough but I am trying to lean out more)

6am- 2 whole eggs, 2 cups egg whites, 2 slices of whole wheat
9am- Protein Shake syntha 6
Noon- 2 chicken breast (25g protein each) and either broccoli or a dif green
3pm- Another Chicken breast with brown rice (sometimes turkey or steak)
5pm- PW Protein shake
6pm- Steak or Chicken with veggie
9pm- Protein Shake


Opti Multi Vitamin
Joint Support
NAC (liver Support)
Pre WO (C4)
BCAAs and L glutamine (During WO)
Protein (syntha 6)

Friday- Chest/Cardio 40min LI
Saturday-Back/Cardio 40min LI
Sunday-Shoulders/Cardio 40min LI
Monday-Arms/Cardio 30min LI
Tuesday Legs/20 min jog
Wed- Rest
Thursday- 30 min cardo LI

The only thing to report as of today is about 10 zits on my back and I did arms today and I had the best pump I have ever felt. I mean after my first set my arms felt like bricks. Just rock solid. Felt so Awesome. Another thing is I am having hot flashes and been sweating a lot more than usual. Is this my AI? I was also thinking about doing .5 EOD and .25 on the days I wasn't taking any. Just due to the water I am retaining and acne already. Please anyone let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

02-25-2014, 07:41 PM
Any thoughts or suggestions? Supplements??

02-26-2014, 02:54 AM
Looks like a standard first cycle. You probably needed to reduce your BF before you started. Your hot flashes could be from what some people get called Test fever or it might be from elevated BP. Although, I would be surprised if you were getting anything from the Cyp after only 4 pins. That long ester usually doesn't start to kick in for 4 weeks (7-8 pins).