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    Quote Originally Posted by samEswosa84 View Post
    Thanks for all the Welcomes guys and yes im hear to change for the better and to get educated in gear/fitness time to get on path to looking good and feeling even better for life!
    Glad to hear it! But don't waste our time if your not for real! This is not easy! By reading your stats you got some hard work to do. So lets get with it!!!
    Go Hard Or Stay Home!!

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    bigpa, yeah definitely up for the hard work and yea I know its gonna be tuff i mean Ive spent the last 4/5 years destroying my body with alcohol/poor diet that being said with all the knowledge/experience on here and my dedication&ambition its nothing I can't handle.....excited&ready for the change!

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    Need to Lose Weight and Get Ripped

    Hello guys. I'm Orlando from Richmond, Virginia. I have been working out and playing sports most of my life up until 1998. Just ain't in me no more. Never did AS, but dayum sure going to. I weigh 255 at 5 ft 10, work out six days a week which include 4 to 5 mile runs for cardio. I have this residual stamina from military even though I'm carrying 45 to 50 lbs of pure crisco extra. I train each bodypart twice a week with a push, pull, legs program that I have stuck with. Strength has really improved with Gats Nitraflex and one
    of the non bulking creatines. NO CHANGE IN PHYSIQUE THOUGH.

    Initially was going to do oral Tren with test which I have researched and now will not do. Going to do oral Primobolan with Proviron orally, followed by Clomid PCT after eight weeks. Any help with doses would be much appreciated fellas and nice to meet all of you.

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    Bigs2013, don't hi-jack some one else's thread, you gotta question go to the interdiction section and introduce yourself and ask it there.
    The Rules At Juiced Muscle (everyone please read)!!!
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