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    few questions re cycle

    My bulking cycle as follows:
    Week 1-10 400-500mg Test Enth (2 shots per week)
    PCT (14 days after last shot for Enth.)
    Day 1 300mg Clomid, Day 2-11 100mg clomid, day 12-21 50mg clomid
    Week 13-15 20mg Nolva ED

    I am just looking for advice re a kicker to start my cycle, i was thinking something like:
    Week 1-4 D-bol 25-35 mg ED
    Week 1-4 Anadrol 50mg ED

    Which in your opinions is better?

    I am also wondering what AI would work best here;
    Week 1-12 arimidex 0.5mg eod
    Week 1-12 aromasin 10mg eod (also heard aromasin is good to run into your pct, not sure if necessary here though)

    Just looking to hear what people hear have to say, appreciate any advice you have to offer

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