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Thread: 3rd cycle run

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    You put yourself in the hospital from tren? Please explain lol

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    Starting up week 7 tomorrow. Dosage is the same, again no side effects to report. My weight gain seems to be at a halt, 202-205. Im not sure where else I can add more calories throughout the day.. I've already increased my diet, and tuned my training a bit more. I've even thought of waking up 2-3 hours earlier than I normally do to take a weight gainer and go back to bed. This spot is open to any suggestion.
    I had a friend that told me with Decca I need to increase the dosage a bit, to include the test.. Then go back down to what I've been using. I dont want to use more than what I need to...

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    I apologize for the long delay as I was dealing with a few work related things but I am currently on week 11 with pins being as such:

    test-e - 500 mg
    decca - 400mg

    current weight: 211 pds

    gains: I would have to report that my strength levels have shot up quiet a bit. I have increased my flat bench press beyond 405 pds repped out between 6-8 reps. My back squat is at 405 with a 10 second pause in the middle of rep. Deadlift with is also even with the rest of lifts with 4-5 good rep deadlift. Visible size gain in shoulders, back, chest, forearms, and quads. I have seen some gain in bi/tri/calfs but not as much as the rest. Im assuming in my body type these are the muscles that ones that are the slower muscle gaining spot on my body. I think for my next cycle I will look into different training concepts to shock more growth into them..

    side effects: I have the usual bits of acne on my upper shoulders that is to be known to come with decca use. Overall mood is great.
    diet: I will have noted I have added a lot more red meat into my diet plan, as well as added a 500+ calorie intake to help add a bit more muscle before I finish cycle. Added supplement has been Pump-HD for preworkout. I get an amazing amount of energy from it, though I try to just use it on chest and legs day. I will rarely use it with the other muscle groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzuki_method View Post
    I had a few friends say the decca was going to dry my joints out and would need winstrol, but so far the decca has made my joints feel way better..
    You are correct...the friends who told you this have it wrong. Winstrol is the substance that people get the dry joints from. Many guys using winstol will add deca in the mix just to combat the joint dryness.

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    Aloha all, this is my final posting for my cycle run. Recently just got back from a quick vacation trip which hurt me pretty bad. Before the trip I had attained the weight of 220 pds and my size was something that was truely amazing. I would like to report that I will be going on another Test/Decca cycle here towards the end of the year once I am completed with my tour of duty in the military. I am very happy that my career is almost over and I can move on to focusing on body building. I thought of stacking Tren-E along with the test/decca and just going all out.. Any thoughts on this?

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