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Thread: My routine

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    My routine

    Monday Chest
    Tuesday Back
    Wednesday Arms
    Thursday Shoulders
    Friday Legs

    We go real heavy on all of our lifts and the routine is basically made up of heavy compound lift's,

    Squat's, Deadlift's, Bench Press, Leg Press, you know what I mean

    Now my question is Should i Be hitting Arms twice a week Like on Saturday?

    I bust ass on all my lift's and I go heavy as possible while finishing my set's...

    But I feel that maybe I'm lacking on arms and I should hit them on Saturday...

    Any input is very much welcomed I would like for you guys to give me some idea's on if i should be doing them twice a week or not. At the same time I dont want to be Tired on Monday If i hit arms hard on saturday because then I would be taking away from bench a little bit.

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    arms used to be a weak link for me. then i discovered fst-7. the original fst-7 schedule, developed for brining up arms, goes...

    chest& tri's
    shoulders & bi's

    on the second tri and second bi day, i did less sets. it worked very well for me and within a few months, my arms caught back up to the rest of my physique. i haven't had the arm problem since. if you want to look into fst-7, i posted a thread about it in this section (training forum) that will teach you everything you need to know. ust remember that you want to cycle on and off of fst-7 training.

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    Ok I'll have to do some research on it thanks bud

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    you got it. it helped me a lot and i'm glad to pass it on. people used to tell me shit like "if you train heavy compound movements, your arms will grow". well, maybe that works for them, but i needed to use my brain and figure out what MY arms responded to.

    btw, as your curent routine stands, what about something like chest, back, legs, shoulders, arms, off, off. that way, you get a break from upper body mid week on leg day and your tris are stronger for over head pressing on shoulder day since you wouldn't be training them right before delts.

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    i all about the PLing but i gonna agree with that statement. arms will grow from compound execsies, but they grow SO much quicker when you add in isolation exercsies.


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