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    General rule of thumb is no more than 6 weeks to prevent thyroid damage but there are numerous logs of people running it longer than that although in my opinion 6 weeks at 50-100mcg is enough if your diet is in check. There are also studies where a person has been given T3 for several months and just cut off from it and they recover perfectly, I wouldn't be able to grab them for you though. Users of Trenbolone also like to use T3 because tren lowers your T3 which leads to elevated prolactin levels. I take no credit for the following information:

    Natural T3 is a regulator of the oxidative metabolism of energy producing substrates (food or stored substrates like fat, muscle, and glycogen) by the mitochondria. The mitochondria, as you will recall from your high school biology class, are usually referred to as the "cells powerhouses" because they produce ATP. Taking Cytomel (supplemental T3) greatly increases the uptake of nutrients into the mitochondria and also their oxidation rate (i.e. the rate at which they are burned for energy), by increasing the activities of the enzymes involved in the oxidative metabolic pathway. Everything is working harder, in other words, and more fuel is needed to supplement this increased work rate. Therefore, as you can guess, taking supplemental Cytomel will increase your bodys energy demands. And if you are in a hypocaloric state, you will begin burning even fatter primarily due to an increase in ATP. This increased ATP causes an increase in overall metabolic activity. (8)(9)This is exactly what we want, and is why we would be taking thyroid hormones like Cytomel in the first place. If you arent taking anabolic steroids with your Cytomel, however, your body may start to eat away muscle to provide energy for you to function. Remember mitochondria/ATP arent very picky, but they are very efficient. What I mean by this is that they will use whatever is on hand to generate energy for your body to continue functioning, fat, protein, glucose; it doesnt matter to ATP, as long as theres something to give them energy. Taking this drug will increase their need to find something to burn to create this energy. Ergo, if we arent taking anabolic steroids while taking our T3, we may lose too much muscle, especially while dieting.

    Thus we can see that there are many advantages to using Cytomel to optimize our metabolic rate. It will also increase your bodys ability to synthesize protein, but from what Ive seen personally, it acts as a catabolic when it isnt administered with anabolic steroids. It is often the last thing added into a precontest diet, as it has a reputation for getting rid of the last few percentages of bodyfat& the "sticky fat" as its called in bodybuilding, the fat that just doesnt want to leave you in the last few weeks of dieting. I think this is a poor use for this drug, and that it should be the first thing added into a diet to lose fat, as it will optimize your metabolic rate, which should be done at the outset of a diet, not after the calorie restriction has diminished your thyroid output and you are adding it in simply to replace what was lost.
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    What about a modern steroids. There are a lots kind of testosterones, natural and synt. The pharmacology don’t stop in the sport branch, ’cause sport is money.
    Every day humanity try to overcome the limit of possibilities human body and steroids drugs, injectiones is way to do it.
    My trainer and me used a steroids. We want to be bigger, stronger. Not so far ago I bought my first Test. I also remember where I get order. After first course I felt a real power, it was amazing feeling as I can do anything with my body and my body will grow up.
    Times of non-steroid powerlifting is passed.
    It has own it own heroes. But today sportsmen try to prove, that human possibilities is unlimited.

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    Kyra Arimaris turns to Inaira Sreal and says, Im not sure.

    Kyra Arimaris turns to Inaira Sreal and says, That is a very touchy subject. Finding the land, contractors, designers... large project. You understand.


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