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    Im 21 years old i want to run test E and decca 250 or 300,I need help with mg dosege and what days to inject and how much, If you can help me that would be great never been on decca before and will prolly throw some anadrol in the mix. thanks guy, Shitty people save your breath!!!!!!!

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    we dont have any shitty peopel here, bro! you'll see everyone is pretty cool. as far as your first cycle goes, you're best off going with a single compound. trust me, you will grow like never before on test only! there is a couple reasons to do it this way. first, different drugs will act differently in your body. if you are on 2 drugs and start having a problem, lets say acne or gyno, you won't know what drug is causing it, so you won't know what to do to fix it. second, when you're new to AAS, you will grow off of next to nothing. as time goes by, you'll find your cycles will grow. right now, you can have a kick ass cycle on test only, then next time, add in something new to turn it up a little.

    even though i'm suggesting a test only cycle, i dont see much harm in adding a small kick start of dbol around 25-30mg.

    i have helped out a number of new users in various threads around JM. look around and you'll be able to learn everthing you need to know. dose, timing, pct. it's all here! after you put something together that you're comfortable with, post up your proposed cycle and we can make sure you're on track.

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    oh wait, did you say in your other thread that you have cycled before? whats your experience?

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    iv been on test e and dbol before 16 week test e 4 week dbol

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    Deca is usually dosed according to weight. Whats your current weight. I think its 2mg per lb of bodyweight.

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    As of right now, Im 21 years old,204lbs 5foot 10inchs, body fat around 15 to 20 % I have used test e for 16 weeks and dbol 4 weeks, Before that i used masteron prop for 6 weeks and found out it wasnt gonna do shit for me! With that being said what do you gentelmen think.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuicedUK View Post
    Deca is usually dosed according to weight. Whats your current weight. I think its 2mg per lb of bodyweight.
    interesting. makes sense and i've heard of doisng drugs that way in the medical field, but for US gym rats, we usually say 400-500 a wk is good, which for your average gym goer would roughly equal your suggestion.

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    thanks everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by 347dreamer View Post
    thanks everyone
    best of luck. keep us posted on your cycle!

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    Thank you sam


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