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Thread: My Naps Review

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    I have been using naps for about 3 years now. They are the best site to order from. They carry some of the top gear you will find. They run many discounts to help you get your product when the finances are crazy. They also provide lab tests on products so you know your not getting scammed. The customer service is also great. I have contacted the before and received quick replys.

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    Waiting on a re ship on my first order from naps. Been about ten days since they said a manager has to approve it. How long does this usually take? Anyone?

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    I've made several orders with various websites for injectables but I found the best so no need to go anywhere else. Communication was super fast and they were very informative. The gear was super legit and gave me some of my best gains ever. The shipment came sooner than expected and the tracking was also great. I am overly satisfied with Napsgear, good shipping, all products checked out legit and their prices are insanely low. I also highly recommend them and I will only use them from here on out! Long live Napsgear!!!

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    first time ive ordered with NAPS and it wont be the last..... everything was accounted for they responded to all my emails and made it easy to trust them....already setting up my next order


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